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Join National Tree Day community planting

National Tree Day community planting
Residents can join a community planting day to see up to 400 native trees added to the Central Park area.

Residents can join a National Tree Day community planting at Central Park to expand riparian vegetation, increase biodiversity and contribute to the One Million Trees initiative.

Set to be held on Wednesday 3 August from 9 am to 11 am in celebration of National Tree Day, the community tree planting will see up to 400 native trees planted in the park area along Saltwater Creek.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the community was invited to take part in the tree planting which would have long-lasting environmental and social benefits.

“We have about 400 local native trees and shrubs ready to be planted and the more hands helping mean the more we can get into the ground at this fabulous event,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“This area was chosen to protect and expand the riparian vegetation along Saltwater Creek.

“The additional trees will provide stability to the creek bank, assist in managing erosion and contribute to improved water quality in Saltwater Creek, which flows into the Burnett River.

“And importantly, by expanding the native vegetation we’re improving the biodiversity, providing habitat for our local plants and wildlife.”

Mayor Dempsey encouraged all residents to get involved, no matter their experience in tree planting.

“The site is prepped, the trees are ready and it’s just a great opportunity for us to come together as a community to expand this natural area.

“While it is certainly an important factor, we aren’t just improving the biodiversity of the area.

“This planting will enhance Central Park for years to come.

“It will improve the park’s aesthetics, provide more shade and cool areas for recreation and increase enjoyment of this area year-round.”

The National Tree Day community planting will feature a range of native trees and shrubs including:

  • Red Ash – Alphitonia excelsa
  • Swamp Oak – Casuarina glauca
  • Tuckeroo – Cupaniopsis anacardioides
  • Crows Ash – Flindersia australis
  • Swamp Mahogany – Lophostemon suaveolens
  • Black Tea-tree – Melaleuca bracteata
  • Broad-leaved Paperbark – Melaleuca quinquinervia
  • Weeping Lilly Pilly – Waterhousea floribunda

To take part in the National Tree Day community planting, register online here.



  1. Would be nice if the plethora of tree planting photos were the volunteers who give up their time to actually plant the trees, instead of the ones posing with them.

  2. Did you think maybe we could plant some trees along saltwater creek run off area that goes through the old show ground? If you stick to near the run off there less likely to be cut down for development.

  3. Also how about that area across the road from the skatebowl that was suppose to be a shopping mall it’s just sitting there going to waste now.

  4. Ah, the irony. BRC promoting biodiversity, natural aesthetics and the planting of trees while permitting developers to CLEAR FELL remnant bushland along Branyan Drive for high density housing estates. I guess trees don’t pay rates.

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