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Whole family chips in at Baldwin Produce

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The Baldwin Family who own and operate Baldwin Produce.

Farming family Baldwin Produce is sending Bundaberg potatoes across the country, supplying big chip brands like Samboy, Thins, Kettle Chips and Natural Chip Company.

Almost twenty years ago Tim and Brenda Baldwin got into potato farming, planting their first seed potatoes.

Now multiple generations of their family are chipping in on the farm and the potatoes they grow travel far and wide.

Tim said each season the farm produced thousands of tonnes of potatoes, which were used to make well-known crunchy snacks.

“We farm around four to four and a half thousand tonnes of potatoes which are then sent down to Sydney in semi-tippers,” Tim said.

“We will start our next season in August, which will run until about mid-November.”

On the farm they plant 100 hectares of seed potatoes which are freighted from South Australia to Bundaberg.

Each plant yields about 10 to 12 potatoes.

Tim said, while farming is in his blood, it had also been a big part of his wider families’ lives, with son Eric now following in his footsteps.

“I grew up on a farm about 10 kilometres down the road with my mum and dad, who have now retired,” he said.

“Brenda and I decided to venture out and bought some land, moved into potato production and the rest is history.

“Our son Eric has also taken up the farming and it is great to see the next generation here.

“Even our grandson is already loving tractors so we will see what happens!”

Tim said a love for farming was what had kept him in the industry for so long, especially when the whole family was involved.

“I have been on farms, and farming for as long as I can remember,” he said.

“It is great to have our whole family involved as farming isn’t a career you can easily change from, and when the wider family are involved it is great to keep working at it.”

The family farm provides great growing conditions for the potatoes, with fairly sandy soils suited for crisping potatoes.

Baldwin Produce also achieved its Hort360 certification in March.

The key purpose of a Hort360 Reef Certification is to provide a quality, credible certification pathway for horticulture growers to demonstrate their environmental stewardship and industry best practice standards in the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

You can find out more about the certification here.

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