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Bundaberg Rum launches mixed fantasy league

The Bundy Mixer
The Bundy Mixer is a way to elevate the profiles of the NRLW players by championing their individual talent and abilities.

Just in time for the kick off to the NRLW Premiership season, Bundaberg Rum has partnered with the game by launching the world’s first official mixed gender fantasy league: the Bundy Mixer.

For the first time, fans will be able to build their team by selecting players from both the men’s and women’s leagues, bringing focus to the player’s stats and game play, not their gender.

Fans nationwide will now be able to pick the best of the best, not just the best of the blokes.

Observing the rapidly rising stars of the women’s rugby league, Bundaberg Rum approached the NRL to bring the Bundy Mixer to life in line with their increased NRLW sponsorship, adding a refreshing take to NRL Fantasy and driving more eyes to the game through a favourite Aussie pastime.

The Bundy Mixer is a way to elevate the profiles of the NRLW players by championing their individual talent and abilities.

Marketing Manager Jodi McLeod said she understood the wide appeal of the Fantasy game and was keen to break down perceptions by levelling the playing field.

“Aussies love sport and LOVE NRL, so we’re excited to elevate the women’s game and NRLW players by bringing the famous Bundy to the new Bundy Mixer fantasy league,” she said.

“At Bundy we want to champion the profiles of the women’s game, highlight the capabilities of the female players and influence Aussies to engage in the game and assist us in our pursuit to create equal space for everyone in sport.

“We are proud to be supporting the NRLW and are looking forward to seeing the Bundy Mixer come to life – and get more people involved in the game.”

As women’s sport continues to make great strides, now was the perfect time for Bundy to make the NRLW players more famous, supporting the NRL in their mission to champion the unique strengths of talented Aussie men and women across the country.

NRL Executive General Manager Performance and Pathways Tain Drinkwater said that growing the women’s game at all levels was a key priority.

“The NRL is committed to growing the women’s game on and off the field and the Bundy Mixer is such an exciting step in recognising our superstar female players,” Tain said.

“I want to thank Bundy who have been incredibly committed to supporting us in our growth strategy and invested in promotion of women’s rugby league.

“It’s now the game’s fastest growing participation area and the elite competition goes from strength to strength with four new NRLW Premiership teams next year.”

To join the Bundy Mixer click here.