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Natures Emporium family’s 30 years of passion

Natures Emporium
Natures Emporium owners Chris and Tina Dimes celebrate 30 years of business in the Bundaberg CBD.

Business is booming for Natures Emporium as the generational family-owned store celebrates 30 years of trading in the Bundaberg CBD.

Owners Chris and Tina Dimes’ passion for not only the small business but the lifestyle it incites has them waking each day with delight.

The alternative lifestyle business continues to prosper, 30 years on from when Chris’s parents, Bill and Karen, founded Natures Emporium in August 1992.

Since then, it has changed owners three times within the family, as Tina’s parents Allan and Anna owned it during the early 2000s, before Chris and Tina took over Natures Emporium in 2010.

“Chris has been here the whole time, he started working here as a teenager,” Tina said.

“We went to Shalom together and met there.

“But I remember walking through the doors for the first time when I was 15, and I thought one day I’d love to work here.”

That dream came true for Tina in 1999.

“Both Chris and I took a sabbatical and ventured into other careers of childcare and farming, but we always circled back.

“We have adult children now and they do their own thing, but they both always say, ‘never say never’.”

For 30 years, Natures Emporium has been known as a tranquil place, where customers can learn about other cultures and ancient traditions.

Tina thanked returning customers for their loyalty, saying some customers were adults who first visited the store as a child decades ago.

“The biggest thing for us has been able to trade for so long – it’s definitely a highlight,” Tina said.

“To do what we love is a highlight.

“It’s not just a job for us – it’s an expansion of our lifestyle.

“The greatest gift is to get up each morning to do what you love, it’s amazing.”

Tina said the memories of the three decades were fondly remembered.

“We have so many special memories, and it’s difficult to break down our favourite,” she said.

“We have great staff, including Amanda who has been with us for 10 years now, and actually we have seven staff at the moment, which is the most we’ve ever had at one time.

“Now, Natures is at the best it’s ever been.

“It’s actually exceeded our vision and it’s so exciting.

“What started out as just bricks and mortar, has grown so much.

“We are looking forward to continuing for another 30 years here in the heart of Bundaberg.”

Natures Emporium stock everything from sterling silver jewellery, books, home decor and furniture, essential oils, crystals and much more.



  1. Congratulations Tina & Chris. Your business is amazing. I feel privileged to be a small part of your business. Thankyou for supporting local business people that align with your vision.

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