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Give or take from The Clothes Basket

The Clothes Basket
Pastor Kelvin Rowland is behind The Clothes Basket initiative.

A Bundaberg church has started a new monthly initiative called The Clothes Basket which will provide free bags of donated clothes to people in need.

Pastor Kelvin Rowland from the Church of the Nazarene on Steffensen Street said the project was all about community members helping each other.

“The idea of The Clothes Basket is a way for us, not just as a church, but as a community, to get in and help people who are at the moment homeless or in need,” he said.

“It's a way we can look after the people of Bundaberg.”

Pastor K, as he goes by at the church, said residents were encouraged to donate and then once a month an open day would be held for those in need to collect bags of clothes.

“What we're hoping will happen is people will be able to, for the next few weeks, donate to us any clothing for any age or size,” he said.

“It doesn't matter if it's from babies right up to, you know, your 90 year olds.

“Whatever it happens to be you can bring it in here and we will then sort it into size and age appropriate bundles.

“Once a month, we will hold an open day where people in need can come in and collect bags of clothing.”

Pastor K said donations were now being taken for the first open day to be held on Saturday 27 August.

“We will open the church doors at 8 am,” he said.

“People can come in, collect their bags and also enjoy some free tea and coffee and we'll have cordial for the kids and biscuits and cakes

“Everyone in our church is so keen for this to happen.”

The Clothes Basket
Pastor Kelvin Rowland is behind The Clothes Basket initiative.

The Clothes Basket is an initiative that Pastor K said came about after his work operating the Street Outreach Service van.

The van regularly tours the region to support people who are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness to access services, provide food or even just a friendly chat.

“The Clothes Basket is an opportunity to provide for these people and for others who may be couch surfing or staying with friends or family while they struggle to find somewhere of their own.”

He said for those wanting to donate to The Clothes Basket, Church of the Nazarene would be open each day from 9 am to 5 pm.

“You can drop off you clothing at the church or you can contact me through our Facebook page or by calling 0412 160 778,” Pastor K said.

“Goodstart Early Learning Centre over on Takalvan Street have also been helping us out by taking in donations from families.”

Pastor K said he had great expectations for the initiative after getting to know just how caring the Bundaberg Region community could be.

“I have been here in Bundaberg for five years now and I know that the locals here are extremely passionate and caring of their community,” he said.

“With The Clothes Basket, it's about not having to have the biggest ideas in the world to make a huge difference.”

Donations of clothing can be made to Church of the Nazarene at 33 Steffensen Street seven days a week.

The Clothes Basket will launch on Saturday 27 August.

Follow the Facebook page here.