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Diva Girls take over the Moncrieff foyer

diva girls moncrieff
Chris Hurst with her Diva Girls artwork in the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre foyer

Local artist Chris Hurst’s latest collection of Diva Girl paintings is on display in the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre foyer for all to enjoy.

As part of the Moncrieff’s commitment to the arts, the foyer space is being provided to local artists to exhibit their works and raise their profile within the region.

Chris Hurst has been an artist for many years and said she was excited that her figurative artworks were being well received by the community.

“I was mainly known for naïve painting, which is a totally different thing to what I have on display here, but I decided to experiment in different forms,” Chris said.

“I have always loved figurative works and I like something a little bit out of the norm, so my diva girls were born.

“I found it lots of fun and you can let your imagination run with whatever is going at the moment, jewellery, hair, dressing and so on.”

Chris said the Moncrieff's foyer space was perfect for her works, especially with the paintings being so theatrical.

“It is fantastic to have it on display at the Moncrieff,” she said.

“It almost looks like the pieces have finally found their home as they are very theatrical so they fit in well.

“The Moncrieff is showcasing local artists, which is a good thing to do as those who are at the Moncrieff for a show are able to look at the art while waiting, and it will keep people amused for a while.”

Chris said she had been a resident of the region for many years and enjoyed seeing the local arts community succeeding.

“I have lived in the Bundaberg Region, and more specifically Bargara, for the past 25 years and I love the community and the people and the vibe, it is lovely,” she said.

“The local art scene is great, we have a lot of different functions and activities that showcase locals work and everyone has their own thing, so it is fantastic.”

All of the paintings on display at the Moncrieff are for sale.

Chris said the paintings had each taken a different amount of time, some being completed more recently than others.

“I have always liked fashion, clothing and jewellery which is a big help when painting this style,” she said.

“I usually start with a certain idea and the piece starts to form from there but at the same time it may end up looking completely different.”

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