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Kalkie students team up with Council

Kalkie Bundaberg Council
Kalkie State School students have been given a helping hand on their latest assessment from Bundaberg Regional Council.

Students from Kalkie State School have been working with Bundaberg Regional Council as part of their humanities and social sciences learning and assessment tasks.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey was this week interviewed by Year 1, 2 and 3 students to assist them in the investigation of how people are connected to places on a personal, local, national and global scale while also examining sustainable waste management.

Students, including Hab Al-Ahmad, said they were excited to take part in the process.

“Jordan in southwest Asia is a special place in the world to me because it is where my family come from,” the Year 2 student said before the event.

“I am going to ask Mayor Dempsey what special place he has in the world and why it is important to him.

“I am excited to speak in my Arabic language, Assalamu Alikom Muhafiz Dempsey, that means good morning Mayor Dempsey.”

Year 2 student Hudson Bird and Year 3 student Kate Johnson said they were thrilled to take part in the project.

“I am excited to be welcoming Mayor Dempsey to our classroom and to learn about all the things special to him. He must have many special local places being the Mayor,” Hudson said.

“It will be interesting to find out what happens to all the waste in the Bundaberg Region and what happens when there is just too much, and also how the sewerage system works,” Kate added.

Kalkie State School
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey with Kalkie State School students.

Mayor Dempsey said the opportunity to engage with Kalkie State School students was something he had looked forward to.

“It was fantastic to have a chat with all of these bright young minds as we learned a little more about each other and about the many great things that make up the place that is most special to me, the Bundaberg Region!” he said.

“Thank you to Kalkie State School for inviting me to be part of this amazing project.”



  1. Thank you for taking the time to chat with the kids of Kalkie State School. The more information we can share with these budding young minds about the world around us, the better it is for their learning and development. Well done to the students involved in the question-time and to all the students for making Mayor Jack Dempsey feel welcome.

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