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Workers take part in driver education course

Drivers College workers
Participants enjoying the new course offered by Drivers College.

Drivers College in Bundaberg is making it easier for workers with international licences to obtain comprehensive training to bring their driving skills up to Australian standards.

After being contacted by a local farm to provide hands-on training to a group of workers from the Pacific Islands and East Timor, directors Robert Andrews and Diana Ward began implementing a special training course.

The duo have put together a six-hour program featuring interactive videos on comprehensive, hands-on driving skills and have successfully completed training with two groups.

“While some other places these workers come from may have similar rules and drivers on the same side of the road, it is the unknown situations they come across that put these drivers and our community at greater risk,” Robert said.

“This program provides three levels of training being tutorial, hands-on driving techniques and emergency stopping and crash avoidance which is vital to promoting a safer community.”

Robert said the course went hand-in-hand with education that was already made available in Australia.

“PALM Pacific Australian Labour Mobility Project, in connection with the Australian Government, has formatted a set of services to provide information and assistance to improve the ongoing focus on welfare and wellbeing, and this is one example of those services,” he said.

“We have received great feedback from participants so far, including that they found the program very informative and helpful in understanding the different skills needed for driving on country roads to the busy town streets.” 

About Drivers College

Drivers College is a not-for-profit organisation that welcome volunteers to ensure the wheels keep rolling in its mission to help educate new drivers and those who want to update their skills on the road. 

For more information on what the college offers go to the Drivers College website here or give the team a call on 41811773.

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