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Step behind the scenes at poultry club open day

Bundaberg Poultry Club open day
Bundaberg Poultry Club open day would be held at the home of experience local chicken expert Mal McDougall.

Poultry enthusiasts are invited to come together to learn how to preen their feathered friends at the upcoming Bundaberg Poultry Fanciers Club open day.

Publicity officer Greg Chamberlain said the poultry club open day event would allow the average joe to go behind the scenes and learn what it takes to win a poultry show.

“The idea is to show the new members, which includes me, and anyone else who is interested in keep[ing] good looking chickens what’s involved in and ready for showing,” Greg said.

“By learning how to wash and preen the chickens you could own a top-notch $200 chicken that could easily win the Ekka.”

Greg said keeping and breeding poultry was a fantastic hobby and he encouraged young and old to give it a go.

“It’s really accessible to everybody,” he said.

“Next year there will be expanded classes at both the Bundaberg Show and the Bundaberg Poultry Show to include your backyard chooks.

“Now they won’t go up against the thoroughbreds, they’ll have their own class, which is magnificent as it means anyone’s chook could win.

“There will also be the usual junior sections in the main part of the shows.

“So, to encourage all to be able to have some fun and join in we are holding a hands-on time to show how you can make your pets ready to be shown off!”

Greg said the Bundaberg Poultry Fanciers Club open day would be held at the home of experienced local chicken expert Mal McDougall’s house.

“This will be a great opportunity for not only poultry enthusiasts but anyone who would like to know more about the affordable, family-friendly hobby of owning and showing chickens,” he said.

“There’s no charge and a free sausage sizzle will follow, and if people could let me know for catering that would be great.”

Bundaberg Poultry Club open day

When: 10 am Sunday 30 October

Where: 20 Bonna Road, Branyan

For details phone Greg on 4157 4021 or Mal on 0412 797 892