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Thabeban Takeaway celebrates 20 years

thabeban takeaway twenty
Lisa Lack, Margie Vincenzotti and Kylie Moran at Thabeban Takeaway

Thabeban Takeaway is marking twenty years of business this November, with owners Margie and Dino Vicenzotti proud of how far they have come since opening their doors.

Situated at 282 Goodwood Road, the duo said their business had seen great success, with many customers still coming back from the first day they opened in 2002.

Margie said Thabeban Takeaway had been built on a desire to start something of her own.

“I started on my last lot of wages that I had from when I was employed as a cook before going out on my own to see what I could do,” Margie said.

“The shop space was vacant at the time, so I spoke to the owner and he gave me a month’s free rent at the time to clean it up.

“I bought a little bit of stock with the last lot of [my] wages and put a little bit of till float into the till and that is how we got the shop up and going.”

Margie said the first few years were hard work, with herself and Dino solely running the business.

“We got here at 2 am and finished around 8 pm because our opening hours are 3 am to 8 pm, and we have stuck with those hours for the last twenty years,” she said.

With some of the same customers from 20 years ago still walking through their doors today, Margie said their business wouldn't be a success without the support from locals.

“Our customer base is very loyal, and many people have supported us for many years,” she said.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.”

Thabeban Takeaway twenty
Lisa Lack, Margie Vincenzotti and Kylie Moran at Thabeban Takeaway.

Margie said the team she had behind her had all played their part in Thabeban Takeaway’s success, including Lisa Lack and Kylie Moran who have both been with the business for 20 years.

“Without the staff, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” she said.

“We have about 20 employees now between this store and Eastside Takeaway, which we opened in 2015.”

Margie said the key to keeping the business running for two decades was simple.

“Our thing is to keep things basic,” she said.

“There are some days where we throw different items out there.”

Looking to the future, Margie and the team would continue to do what they knew best.

“Our goal was to get to where we are now and to still be here after 20 years for what we have gone through including Covid and so on, it is great,” she said.

“We will just keep doing what we are doing going forward.

“I love it and I do enjoy it and I love my staff; they are just like family to us.”

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