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Dawn celebrates 100 years in style

dawn celebrates 100
Local resident Dawn Richards has today celebrated her 100th birthday

Local resident Dawn Richards has today celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her family and credits reaching the milestone to an active and healthy life.

From her days spent playing lawn bowls or tennis through to her life on the farm, Dawn has been active all of her life and encouraged everyone who could to do the same.

“Look, just don’t be lazy, get up and do some exercise,” she said.

“I have played a lot of lawn bowls and tennis throughout my life.

“We owned a tennis court and played fixtures – that was well back when Rod Laver was around.

“I remember him coming to Bundaberg to play, and he played (here) while he was playing so that was a long time ago!

“I joined up with anything I could here at Argyle Gardens to help me keep active.”

A lot has changed over the past 100 years and Dawn said she tried her best to keep up with the times.

“I just don’t understand iPads,” she said.

“My grandson gave me one, two years ago, and it is still sitting over there.

“I don’t like them, I can’t use them, but we have to keep moving with the times I suppose.”

Dawn said her family had made her birthday, on Thursday, 3 November, extra special.

“I have three children, and they are marvellous children, who I have never ever had any trouble from, right up until today!” she said.

“I have a lovely family.”

Dawn’s birthday is also set to be celebrated with what she likes to call a “big musical” on Saturday, with family flying in from interstate and overseas to celebrate the milestone.

Children reflect on memories of Dawn

Dawn with her children Jan, Neil and Wendy.

Dawn’s daughters Jan and Wendy vouch for how active she has remained, remembering when their mother was painting the entire house with a single paintbrush.

“At the age of 89 she painted her double storey Queenslander with one ladder,” Jan said.

“We came over and took the ladder off her so she couldn’t continue to paint the house!

“She said to us, ‘don’t worry, Joey down the road will lend me his ladder!'”

Jan said working on farms and spending time in the garden also kept Dawn busy.

“Mum worked all her life on farms until she was 62,” Jan said.

“With a love for gardening, the garden was immaculate, somewhat like the Botanic Gardens, as she grew poppies and roses.”

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