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Bowls results from across the region

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Find out all the news and results from the region's social bowls clubs.

Bargara Bowls Notes

Monday 7th November – Turkey Pairs – Winners J. & J. Nowell; runners up T. Heath & P. Sexton; 2nd runners up V. Sauer & J. Bryant. Winners of 1st Game M. Dillon & T. Carroll. Winners of 2nd Game W. McNamara & K. Mason.

Tuesday 8th November – Ladies Social Bowls M. Hughes & K. Rodgers; runners up M. Whitbread & J. Dingle. Sportsman’s G. Blakeman& J. Nowell; M. Schluter & J. Hillier.

Wednesday 9th November – Turkey Pairs – Winners B. Hearn & A. Powell; runners up K. McDonald & D. Brady. Winners of First Game C. McNeilly & J. Lim; Winners of Second Game R. Russell & A. Grills.

Thursday 10th November – Men’s Pairs – Winners A. Setter & B. McCarthy; runners up S. Larson & G. Gallagher; 2nd runners up D. Jankovic & A. Grills; 3rd runners up N. McNamara & H. Dingle. Sportsman’s G. Pearce, S. Davies & J. Russell, W. Horn & R. Bonke; J. Nowell & J. Allder.

Saturday 12th November – Club Mixed Pairs Semi-Final H. Stewart & C. Gallagher d B. Munis & A. Powell. Men’s “B” Grade Triples Round 2 R. Tonkin, B. Hearn & P. Pitt d G. Pearce, S. Davies & J. Russell, F. Plant, A. Poke & Jezza d R. Murdaca, N. McNamara & A. Grills. Open Pairs Winners L. Dunn & K. Aanenson; runners up D. & B. McCarthy. Sportsman’s Sheila & M. Attwood.

Coming Events:

Mondays – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 pm Start.
Tuesdays – Ladies Social Bowls 12.30 pm Start.
Wednesday – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. If insufficient numbers Open Pairs. Pay by 12.30 pm, 1pm Start.
Thursdays – Men’s Social Pairs 1pm Start
Saturday State Finals Mixed Pairs am & pm. Open Pairs 1pm Start.
Sunday State Finals Mixed Pairs. Next Round Mixed Pairs and Men’s “B” Triples.

Bundaberg Bowls Notes

Tuesday 8th November 2022: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Rudy's Pest Control.
Samson Green:
Winners: A. Holt, R. Hoiberg, A. Grills. Runners Up: D. Jensen, W. Wallace. Sportspersons: B. Fryer, R. Chambers.
Foundation Green:
Winners: Des, Barry, Clive. Runners Up: A. Roylance, C. Engstrom, N. Nunn. Sportspersons: B. Peardon, S. Squires, Jayne Jones.

Thursday 10th November:
Winners: B. McKinnon, Joan Jones. Runners Up: R. Bury, V. Schmidt, B. Newton. Sportspersons: John Moore, Jean Moore.

Saturday 12th November:
Winners: J. Reed (sub), W. Clarke, D. Cooke, F. Clarke. Sportspersons: L. Quinn, D. Petersen.

Tuesday 15th November: S. Ribbans, R. Ribbans. Thursday 17th November: Joan Jones, T. Salau. Saturday 12th November: A. Salau, G. Mallett.

Competition Results:
Mixed Pairs: A. Holt, S. Sparke def R. Nikora, K. Mitchell. ~ B. McKinnon, Joan Jones def J. Moore, J. Moore.
Mixed Fours: J. Reed (sub), W. Clarke, D. Cooke, F. Clarke def S. Warren, V. Schmidt, H. Schmidt, A. Edgerton.

Competition Call:
Thursday 17th November:
Ladies President Triples: T. Salau, D. Francis, Joan Jones v M. Dick, K. Itzstein, M. Nicol.
Mixed Pairs: B. Clarke, F. Clarke v L. Scougall, B. Hofstetter. ~ A. Holt, S. Sparke v Judy Jones, A. Edgerton. ~ M. Zacher, D. Harding v R. Death, C. Marcinkus.
Tuesday 22nd November:
Mixed Pairs: F. Dewhurst, M. Nicol v Harding and Marcinkus Game Winner on 17th November.

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday 15th November: BOM Meeting at 10.00 a.m. All Members Welcome. Social Bowls & Competitions. 1.00 p.m. Start.
Thursday 17th November: Social Bowls and Competitions. 1.00 p.m. Start.
Saturday 19th November: Mixed Triples $600.00 Day sponsored by AIM Hearing. (List for Teams on the Table)
Tuesday 22nd November: Social Bowls and Competitions. 1.00 p.m. start.
Thursday 24th November: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Hearing Australia.
Saturday 26th November: Social Bowls and Competitions. 1.00 p.m. Start. Barefoot Bowls. (Need Helpers please)
Monday 28th November: Cards Afternoon. All Welcome.
Tuesday 29th November: Mixed Triples $600.00 Day sponsored by Bundaberg Marineland.
Thursday 1st December: Social Bowls and Competitions.
Friday 2nd December: Barefoot Bowls. (Need Helpers please)
Saturday 3rd December: $1000 Ham Day sponsored by Bundaberg Eye Clinic.
Sunday 4th December: Barefoot Bowls. (Need Helpers please)

Attention News:
Bundaberg Bowls Club Trivia Night on Friday 25th November 2022. Organize your Table of Six now. Need small Gifts for Cent Sale.

Donations for our Continuous Christmas Raffle are now being accepted and Tickets are being sold now.

Monday 14th November: WORKING BEE from 7.00 a.m. (Mowing, Blowing, Gutters and Spraying Greens.) All Welcome.

Attention Members: Annual Dues are now being accepted for 2023 – $100.00 Club Membership.

Club Uniform Days are Thursday and Saturday.

Woodgate Bowls Results

Tuesday 8.11.2022:
Ladies day:
Today our premier event was the final of the Women’s B Grade Consistency between Jacquie Rogerson and Trish Jensen.
Jacquie taking the win over Trish in a really top, hard game!
Consistency has a different scoring system where if you move the kitty more than one meter you sacrifice 5 points, even if your bowl goes with it!
Great shot in a normal game, but a disaster in this game!
Poor Trish moved the kitty not once but twice during the match forfeiting ten points.
The final score of Jacquie 156 to Trish 134 shows what a hard game it was.
Special thanks to Robyn Bishop who was the marker and Marjo Greiner who stood as Umpire for the day.

We also had two games of triples: we may have been low on numbers but we were high on fun with a new interesting twist to the scoring!
First shot was worth one point but second shot was worth two!
This was Donna Smith’s idea to teach us to not abandon hope when the shot bowl was unmovable but to go for the second and limit further damage!
Lots of laughs when the scores were called out!

Rink draw winners, rink 2:
Competition game:
Jacquie Rogerson and Robyn Bishop (marker)

Encouragement, rink 3:
L. Anne Sleep

  1. Marjo Greiner
    S. Marilyn Wednesday 9.11.2022:
    Mens Day:

This afternoon our men decided to finish play early so as to spend some time with our oldest, most loved and respected member Noel Loder.
Noel has made the hard decision to hang up his bowling arm and call it stumps on his bowls journey due to his failing health.
Noel has also given up his drivers license, but thankfully has a Go Go Mobile (read mobility scooter!) so he can scoot down and visit us whenever he feels like some company!
We shall all miss Good Bowl Noel, a real gentleman and a great sport, no one has ever seen Noel loose his cool or be anything other than what he is, a lovely man.

Meanwhile we still have winners and those not so fortunate to acknowledge:

Winners, rink 6:
L. Phil Nelson

  1. Sleepy
    S. Archie Bishop

Runner Up, rink 5:
L. Sandfly

  1. Geoff Haynes
    S. Rob Hannah

Encouragement rink 5:
L. Gary Willoughby

  1. Ian Goodhew
    S. Robbie Royan
    A great day out for the men and we women who came to have a drink with Noel.

Thursday 10.11.2022:
Billy’s day, always a great friendly afternoon of social bowls.
We had the whole gambit of weather, firstly really hot, then the wind, then the rain, temperature dropped at least five degrees, then back to hot again!
Still a good day was had by all:

Winners rink 5:
Our own state player:
S. Donna Smith
L.Gary Willoughby

Runner Up, rink 6:
S. Marilyn Mullins
L. Doug Meikle ( visitor)

Come along and give Thursday bowls a go, always a lovely day out!

Saturday 12.11.2022:
Jackpot Pairs:

Winners rink 6:
L. Jane Herd-Evans
S. Gordon Nuttall

Runners Up rink 1:
L. Margrett Bronson
S. Rod Bronson

Good to see some visitors on our greens.

Sunday 13.11.2022:
Today we had the semi- final of the Women’s Second Chance Singles.
Fiona Dowling had a win over Ann Sleep, thanks to Karen Henderson for marking and Robyn Bishop who stood as Umpire.
We also had social games of triples and a great afternoon of friendly rivalry was had by all!
We also had several visitors playing today which was great to see.

Winners rink 6:
Fiona Dowling and Karen Henderson (marker)

Runners Up rink 3:
L.Jane Herd-Evans

  1. Linda Hannah
    S. Peter Allars

Encouragement rink 4:
L. Lesley Christensen

  1. Robyn Bishop
    S. Archie Bishop

Sunday 13.11.2022:
The Gin Gin Country verses City was won today by Country after four years of trying.
Final scores were Country 295 to Cities 262 with three out of four Woodgate teams winning their rinks.
Our team of Robbie Byrnes, Rowdy Taylor, Ian Goodhew and George Weir won the randomly picked draw on the Sellers Green.
Some great shots from many bowlers in front of a few selectors.
A very entertaining day out.

Across the Waves Ladies Bowls

RESULTS: Money Day 11th November sponsored by Elders Insurance Bundaberg:
Winners – J.Mallett & L.Donaldson
1st Runners-Up – F.Dewhurst, F.Clarke & S.Jardine
2nd Runners-Up – M.K.Mason, J.Dunn & B.Dunn
Sportsmen – M.Whitworth, C.Somerfield & N.Somerfield

Nominations have opened for next year's Championship Fours Competition, closing Friday 27th January. Get your team on the list. First game will be played Friday 10th February.

Have you got your name on the list for our Christmas Luncheon and presentation of trophies? Let Gail know if you have any dietary requirements. Money needs to be paid by 2nd December.

Remember no bowls Friday 18th November due to Charity Day.

Bowls Burnett Men


Tuesday 8th November: 50/50 – Winners – M Jeffs & W Watson, 1st RU – D Rye & B McKeen – 2nd RU J Hall & A Wood – Sportsmen – E Cross & D Robertson
Wednesday 9th November: Scroungers – Winner: F Dewhurst: 1st Runners Up: D Sheild: 2nd Runner Up: J D Blackley
Thursday 10th November: Thirsty’ Thursday Winners: J Hall: G Jackson
Thursday 10th November: Night Bowls’ – Winners: John Snr & Col: Sportsperson: Bob, Barb & John Jnr: PTJ not won – Next Week $26+
Friday 11th November: Winners: R Byers & H Foster: Sportsman: C Walker & M Jeffs
Saturday 12th November: John Bawden sponsored Lady to Skip Triples Winners: W Downey, M Jeffs & J Franks: 1st Runners Up: A Vinegrad, J Stewart & G Lock: 2nd Runners Up: C McLellen, D Kemp & L Strachan: Sportsman: E Cross, D Robertson & R Byers


Members are encouraged to arrange competition games by mutual agreement. All competitions must be completed by the 11th of December 2022


Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 41514217. If you cannot get through on the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.
Friday 18th November: Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) – 1pm start, names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. the Jackpot will be $500.
Tuesday 22nd November: $200 Bonza Pairs– Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) – 1pm start, names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. 1 bowl Jackpot is
Wednesday 23rd November: “Scroungers” Singles – this is a fun game of singles similar to Consistency Single where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15pm with games starting at 6.30pm. Green fees are now $8.00 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prizemoney. All ability levels are welcome. Come along for a fun night out.
Thursday 24th of November: ‘Thirsty Thursday’ Open Pairs – 3.00pm start – Names in by 2.30pm. Free drink (Sponsored) included in green fees. Games will finish at 5.00pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.
Thursday night 25th November: 6.30pm Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the “Pick the Joker Jackpot”. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names before 6.00pm, start at 6.30pm. Big thank-you to DNA Property Consultants for their ongoing support of the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot.

Coming events:


Club Opening hours are – Monday – Closed, Tuesday 10am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am – 9pm, Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday 10am – 9.30pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm (10pm for functions), Sunday Bowls Days 9am – 2pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday at 7.00pm. The member’s draw is now at $390 so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

The entertainment for this Friday night the will be ‘Old Habits’ and the following Friday the 25th November live music will be supplied by ‘ Old Bones’.

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