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Woodgate amenities block upgraded

Woodgate toilet block
The refurbished toilet block has been completed in Woodgate.

Refurbishment to an amenities block in Woodgate has just been completed with new toilets, showers and more added to the public facility.

The upgrade was identified through Bundaberg Regional Council’s Parks, Sport and Natural Areas Capital Works Program 2022 – 2023.

It was discovered that, due to the coastal environment, the toilets, fixtures and fittings had deteriorated and required replacing.

Work to refurbish the site began in July with the upgrade ensuring the amenities support the recreation needs of the surrounding community.

The project involved refurbishment to:

• Toilets, cubicles showers, taps and fixtures
• Roof, doors, ceiling and wall panels
• Electrical hardware and lights

You can read more about the Woodgate amenities block project here.

Woodgate toilet block
The refurbished toilet block has been completed in Woodgate.

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  1. Can we stop wasting money on things that don’t really need doing it needed a minor spruce & what we got was only slightly short of a gilded toilet. The same goes for the Toilet block near the post office don’t make gilded toilets. For a toilet block do the minimum to restore functionality. This is on top of the new bus shelters when there was nothing wrong with the old ones. Zigzagging walk ways ect…

    It will allow greater focus on things of vital importance like the CBD rework, funding the regional deal, & master plan ideas, new schools, new hospitals ect…

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