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Check Christmas lights, electricals are safe

Christmas shopping lights electricals are safe
Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said that all electrical products should meet Australian Standards and come from reputable suppliers.

Residents are being urged to ensure their electricals are safe by checking safety standards of lights and other items before purchasing this Christmas to avoid a potential emergency.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said all electrical products should meet Australian Standards and come from reputable suppliers.

“When it comes to lights and electricals there are a few simple things you can do [to] make sure your Christmas period is safe and memorable for all the right reasons,” she said.

“Check that household electrical goods have a regulatory compliance mark (RCM) – this means it meets Australian Standards.

“When it comes to lights, make sure you’re getting the right ones suited to how you’re using them.

“Weatherproof solar powered LED lights are best for outside, but if you have extra low voltage lights (usually between 5 to 50V) supplied from a transformer, make sure you keep the transformer and 240V plug indoors or protected from the weather.

“Whatever type you use always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for where to install and how to use them.

Important to ensure electricals are safe

Ms Grace said second hand or damaged goods could cause serious injuries, fires and could even result in fatalities.

“So make sure you check any old appliances or lights before you plug them in,” she said.

“There are obvious things to look for, like broken casings, cracked or discoloured plastic covers, frayed cords, and damaged plugs and extension leads, but there can also be internal damage or faults, so make sure you test your home’s safety switches and smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.”

Ms Grace said homeowners might be tempted to have a go at installing extra power points to plug all the lights into but warned that DIY electrical work in Queensland was illegal and could be deadly.

“Never attempt to do your own electrical work – there’s a good chance you will injure yourself or your family or start a fire.

“Not only is it breaking the law, but you could also jeopardise your insurance,” she said.

“This one really is quite simple – always use a licensed electrician.”

The Electrical Safety Office had a searchable database for licensed electricians and contractors.

For more information and hints for Christmas lights and to ensure your electricals are safe visit Christmas lights | Electrical Safety Office.

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