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Four Wheel Drive Club enjoy a trip to K’Gari

Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive club members Oscar Jorna and Graham Barnsley with their first ever beach worm catch.

Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club’s members attended their annual K’Gari (Fraser Island) December trip recently.

Fraser Island, or now known as K’Gari which means paradise in the Butchulla Aboriginal people’s language, is largest sand island in the world.

Our group headed to the Waddy Point campground to base ourselves for two weeks of exploring, fishing and relaxing.

Our time on the island was spent checking out the tourist sights of the island, with Wathumba Creek, Ocean Lake, Champaign Pools, and Indian Head being the standouts.

The trip to the lighthouse needs to be timed with the tides as recent erosion from the weather means you must make your way, not only over the infamous Nkgala Rocks, but around the vegetation that has been washed onto the beach at the Sandy Cape.

Postans Camp, a leftover site from the logging days on the island is a spot most don’t see, but it’s worth the drive and walk to see what’s left of an industry that thrived on the island before being shut down to preserve the majestic trees.

Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive club member Ross Argent crossing Eli Creek on K'Gari.

As tradition holds, we ventured to the top of Waddy Point for our last night on the islands sunset viewing, with drinks and nibbles to help pass the time.

The game of guessing where the lighthouse is before the light shows itself always has people predicting on its location from our vantage point. It’s not where you think it is.

The obligatory stop at the Maheno Shipwreck for a group shot and a visit to Lake McKenzie for a swim in the crystal-clear waters topped off a trip that will be talked about for years to come.

Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive
The Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club’s members attended their annual K’Gari-Fraser Island December Trip recently.

People ask why we keep going back to the same place each year? It is because every visit has a new crowd to show what the island has to offer, the changes from year to year show how nature bounces back from wild weather.

Catching beach worms seems to be the most frustrating pastime of all, as they are right in front of you but so hard to grab.

Many of the new trippers to the island spend hours upon hours trying to catch the illusive creatures, and it entertains us watching them try.

As a club our next visit to the island will be in May when we participate in the 4WDQLD clean-up, a time to give back to the iconic attraction.

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