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Captain, Jack and Sparrow looking for homes

Captain jack sparrow
Captain, Jack and Sparrow are three-month-old puppies available for adoption at RSPCA Bundaberg.

Three Australian cattle dog and bull mastiff mix pups are looking for their forever home, currently available for adoption from RSPCA Bundaberg.

Captain, Jack and Sparrow are three-month-old male puppies who have been desexed….

The team at RSPCA Bundaberg said the pups, who are available for adoption separately, will need plenty of socialisation in their new homes.

“Cattle dogs need a lot of mental and physical exercise and stimulation,” the team said.

“They also like to tell you about everything that is going on around them.

“They can make fantastic members of the family.

“Mastiffs can be a breed that is prone to being wary and therefore, the more time you invest into your puppy, the stronger your bond with them will be and there will be less chance of behavioral issues arising in the future.”

The puppies' adoption fee is $499 each which includes their desexing, health check, microchip and up-to-date vaccinations as well as flea and worm treatments.

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A few things to consider before welcoming a puppy into your life:

The team at RSPCA Bundaberg said before you take home a puppy like Captain, Jack or Sparrow, there were a few things you should consider.

“Puppies are trying to figure out how the human world works and they need guidance with this,” the team said.

“Slow, positive introductions to new experiences can help build confident, resilient pups.

“It is very important to reward the behaviours that you like as these behaviours will then get repeated by the puppy as they seek out reinforcement.

“Praise, food, toys and play are great positive reinforcers.”

The team also warned puppies were prolific chewers.

“Be mindful of providing lots of suitable things the chew on and manage your environment so that they cannot chew on things they are not supposed to.

“Puppy pens and crates are invaluable when it comes to controlling what puppies can have access to.

“They also give puppies a safe space to eat, rest and play.”