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Kate gets creative for TradeMutt

Artist Kate TradeMutt
Artist Kate Neal recently collaborated with TradeMutt for their Aussie Summer range.

Bundaberg artist Kate Neal has partnered with Australian workwear company, TradeMutt, showcasing her Aussie summer-themed designs on shirts and bucket hats.

TradeMutt is an Australian workwear company started by two Aussie blokes who's goal is to help reduce the suicide rate of blue collar workers.

They create loud and vibrant workwear as a conversation starter, with the intent to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

TradeMutt also funds TIACS, a not-for-profit mental health service available in Australia.

Kate said the opportunity to work with the brand was a dream come true.

“I reached out to TradeMutt as I love what they stand for and the impact they are making and as an artist I have always wanted to collaborate with brands such as theirs,” she said.

“A few months later I received an email back saying they'd love to collaborate on a shirt design.”

Kate said the team at TradeMutt decided on a theme and some design ideas, with a brief of ‘Aussie Summer'.

“I was asked to create nine to 10 different illustrations using a specific colour palette and was given a list of ideas for things that they thought represented summer in Australia,” she said.

“They had the idea of having Aussie animals doing human things so I decided to run with that and illustrated a kangaroo cooking shrimp on the barbie, a pelican in a lifeguard outfit, a koala sun tanning next to a beach umbrella and galahs swinging off a hills hoist.

“I then created some other illustrations such as a beach cricket set, a pineapple, a mango, a gumtree, some gum leaves and a pair of thongs.”

Artist Kate TradeMutt
Some of Kate Neale's designs for TradeMutt.

Kate's creations are now featured on TradeMutt's shirts and bucket hats.

She said the response had been overwhelmingly positive.

“The shirts sold out within 24 hours!” Kate said.

“I really enjoyed creating these illustrations as they're lighthearted, fun and something that hopefully many Aussies can relate to.

“Seeing it all come together on the shirts and hats has been an amazing experience and I'm really proud of how it turned out.

“It's always been one of my goals as an artist to collaborate with different brands so I'm hoping to have the opportunity to do more of this in the future.”

Artist Kate TradeMutt
Artist Kate Neal recently collaborated with TradeMutt for their Aussie Summer range.