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Colleen Helmore’s Wonder goes to Italy

Colleen Helmore Fabriano in Acquerello watercolour
Capturing the wonder in every brush stroke painted of her granddaughter Charlie, Colleen Helmore is excited to travel to Italy for the Fabriano in Acquerello exhibition.

It was 35 years ago when Colleen decided to learn the ways of watercolour and her practice has now paid off as the grandmother of three is one of 35 Australian artists to have artwork exhibited in the famed international Fabriano in Acquerello.

Colleen’s artwork Wonder will be showcased in the Italian watercolour museum in April.

Capturing the wonder in every brush stroke painted of her granddaughter Charlie, Colleen said she was excited to travel for the exhibition and participate in the workshops that followed.

“I never did art at school; I really should have been doing it (painting) years and years ago, and I’m sure I would be better at it by now!” Colleen laughed.

“I’ve always painted in watercolours.

“I have tried other mediums, but I really enjoy watercolour.

“Once you are confident, watercolour is a great medium – it’s very practical once you know what you are doing.

“To paint a watercolour like Wonder it took about half a day, but 30 years of work and experience to get to that stage.”

Colleen said her artwork, Wonder, was inspired by her grandchildren.

“I don’t see my grandchildren very often as Charlie lives in Perth and the other two live in Toowoomba,” Colleen said.

“So I painted Wonder because when I see them, I am left in wonder.

“I wonder how much intent they can have, how they can flick from something one minute to something else the next.

“I wonder how they can suck in so much information.

“I wonder how they have changed and how they grow between me seeing them.

“All of that has gone into Wonder.”

Fabriano in Acquerello renowned watercolour convention

The Fabriano in Acquerello is a renowned watercolour convention where artists from around the world exhibit their work and participant in workshops.

It will be the first time Colleen has had artwork showcased in an international exhibition.

 “There will be workshops and sessions throughout my time in Italy, I just hope to suck up as much information as I can,” she said.

“I’m going over with my husband John who has always been such a big supporter.”

Born in Gin Gin, Colleen said painting in watercolour was a hobby she’d grown fond of and when she’s not cooking at The Railway Hotel you’ll find her back behind the art easel either painting or sharing her passion with others.

“Bundaberg has a great art community,” she said.

“I teach watercolour at Bundaberg Art Society every Monday, and I hold workshops at Art Plus.

“I love being able to share my passion with others in the community.”

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