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Bundaberg Region Sleepbus construction begins

Sleepbus donated
Sleepbus founder Simon Rowe with the Bundaberg Sleepbus which is currently being transformed before it heads to the region to become a safe space for the region's homeless.

An ex-city passenger bus from Melbourne will be transformed into Bundaberg's first-ever Sleepbus, providing a safe space for the region's homeless to rest.

The fundraising initiative to get a Sleepbus to the region began last year, with $100,000 raised by the community through various events.

Since that time founder of the Sleepbus organisation Simon Rowe has been busy scouting out the perfect bus to transform.

This week he announced that a donation had been made by CDC Melbourne for the Bundaberg Sleepbus.

“We have got a bus- thanks to our good friends at CDC in Melbourne for donating!” he said.

“The Bundaberg community has rallied and raised the money we need to build them a Sleepbus and launch a service.”

Simon said preliminary work had begun to turn the former passenger bus into a vehicle that would include storage, beds and more.

“We have started taking out the seats and handrails,” he said.

“We will also soon begin taking out all of the windows and then it will be off to the fabricators.

“This is a low-floor city bus, which is a bit different to the ones we usually have, but we can turn it into a Sleepbus.

“There will also be a caretakers cabin up the front, pods and more.

“It will be really cool; it is a great little bus.”

About Sleepbus

Sleepbus is an Australian-based innovation which provides immediate, temporary support for homelessness by creating a safe, comfortable place to sleep.

Each Sleepbus can provide up to 20 people a sleep “pod” with toilet, climate control, reading light, USB chargers and free-to-air digital television and support services channel.

Anyone seeking a safe bed for the night on Sleepbus doesn’t need a referral or to book ahead, they just turn up between 8. 30 pm and 10 pm.

Pets are also welcome in sleep pods with their owners.

Simon said when the Bundaberg service launches, it will be the tenth Sleepbus available in Australia.

He said volunteers would be responsible for supporting the running of the service in Bundaberg while Sleepbus would be providing everything else involved, thanks to ongoing donations supporting the not-for-profit organisation.

The Bundaberg Sleepbus is estimated to be completed and arrive in the region for this year's winter period.

Keep up to date with the project here.



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