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Who’s who in the zoo: Eastern bearded dragon

Eastern bearded dragon
Bill and Ted are two Eastern bearded dragon residents at Alexandra Park Zoo.

Did you know Alexandra Park Zoo is home to an Eastern bearded dragon?

Bill loves spending time in his enclosure getting a shower from zookeepers or taking a refreshing dip in his rock bath.

Eastern bearded dragons communicate to each other by bobbing their heads and bodies and waving their forearms.

The lizards get their name from the spiny projections under their necks that resemble a man's beard

Visit Bill the Eastern bearded dragon

Visit Bill and all of the other wonderful creatures at Alexandra Park Zoo, 29 Quay Street.

About Alexandra Park Zoo

Alexandra Park Zoo was established in 1911 and is one of Queensland’s oldest continuously running zoological facilities.

It is fully accredited with the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA) providing positive welfare conditions and operating to high standards.

Find out more here.

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