LifestyleOrchid Society’s 50 years of blooming success

Orchid Society’s 50 years of blooming success

Bundaberg Orchid Society 50th anniversary
Bundaberg Orchid Society president Alwyn Heidke and his wife Bev have been dedicated members for the past 20 years, and they can't wait to celebrate the 50th anniversary with the community.

Living in one of the most ideal climates in the country it’s no wonder Bundaberg Orchid Society is still blooming after 50 years with members ready to celebrate the golden jubilee.

In 1973 Bundaberg Orchid Society evolved as its own identity from the Bundaberg Bush and Orchid Club, with an aim to focus solely on orchids.

Now half a century later the organisation is growing from strength to strength, with more than 135 current, flower-loving members.

Bundaberg Orchid Society president Alwyn Heidke and his wife Bev have been dedicated members for the past 20 years, and they both have an appreciation for successfully blooming a variety of orchids.

Alwyn said they were excited about celebrating the golden jubilee with the community through the popular Mother’s Day Show, which will be held again in May this year.

The three-day event has flourished in the Bundaberg Region for decades, showcasing orchids that are locally grown and others featured by growers that travel from around the country to be displayed.

Alwyn said Bundaberg Orchid Society provided one of the best orchid shows in Australia, and it was well attended with thousands of people going through the Civic Centre’s door for the three-day event.

Bundaberg Orchid Society 50th anniversary

“Our show is definitely a highlight on the orchid rotation,” Alwyn said.

“With orchids flowering March through to September, having our traditional Mother’s Day Show and celebrating our 50th anniversary at the same time makes sense.

“Bundaberg is the ideal place to grow orchids, it has one of the best climates in Australia.

“We’ve found this region is very keen to know about orchids also, and we have phenomenal support for the show.

“Last year we had 2100 people through the doors of the Civic Centre.”

Bundaberg Orchid Society supports several local charities with a donation from the annual Mother’s Day Show proceeds.

Bundaberg Orchid Society a wealth of information

Bundaberg Orchid Society is a local source of expertise in growing and propagating orchids, and the group is open, at a very small cost, to all orchid lovers residing in the Bundaberg Region.

While orchids can be difficult to grow, people who know the basics of cultivating them can have success with the plants.

Bundaberg Orchid Society member Karen Honey said they were proud to be celebrating 50 years of continued existence.

“Not too many organisations last that long, and our society continues to grow,” Karen said.

“In addition to our regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month from February to November, we also have a field trip to the home and shade houses of some of our members on the first Sunday of each month.  

“We regularly have over 50 members attending these days, which are promoted for new and interested growers.

“They are so popular it’s frequently standing room only, and it’s great to see how other people grow their orchids, what potting media they use, watering and fertilising regimes and how they deal with pests and weeds.”

Bundaberg Orchid Society’s Mother’s Day Show and 50th anniversary celebrations will be held on 12-14 May at Bundaberg Civic Centre.

Admission is $2 with proceeds supporting local charities.