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Bowls results and news from around the region

Burnett Bowls CLub
The heat is on at the Burnett Bowls Club.

Bowls Burnett Men


Tuesday 21st February: Winners: Brad McKeen, Dave Rye Runners Up: Sue Busch, Keith Whalley Sportsman: Craig Phillips, Karen Ibels

Wednesday 22nd February: Scroungers: Winner: Craig Russell Runner Up: Patrick Leahy

Thursday 23rd February: ‘Thirsty Thursday’ – Winners: Ron Moscatt, Jason Hall

Thursday 23rd February: Night Bowls: Winners: Snake & Kemel Runners Up: Christian & Annette G Sportsman: Robbie & Sue P. The ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot was won and will recommence next week. Thank you to DNA Property Consultants for their continued sponsorship. Phone Anthony for any Property enquiries on 0435083606.

Friday 24th February: Winners: Ken Claridge, Peter Wendt Runners Up: Geoff Ferguson, Greg Dewing Sportsman: Sue Busch, Peter Busch. The Jackpot will be $150 next Friday.

Saturday 25th February: Winners: Wally Rozynski, Jason Hall


Results: Division 1 played Bargara and lost overall 4 rinks to 3 rinks in a very close contest. Division 3 played Pialba and lost 3 rinks to 2 rinks in another close match where the Men’s Pairs lost on the last end. This weekend Division 1 will play ATW at Burnett and Division 3 play Burrum Heads at Burnett. Good luck to all selected players. Selected teams will be posted on the Club Noticeboard on Tuesday.


All 2023 Club Competitions are on the Competition boards at the Club. All members are asked to check the draws and continue to arrange games by mutual agreement. With the WBBC being played games need to be organized mid-week or if you play someone that works, you need to look at alternative days and times e.g. Sunday mornings when QRI play or perhaps starting a game at 5.30pm and finishing under lights (would be nice and cool) Reminder: When playing your first round match you have to pay the additional $1 nomination fee when paying your green fees.

Results: Championship Singles: Cameron Walker def Kerry Melham 25-23, Keegan Lankowski def Steve Coleman 25-13, Mark Mizzi def Ross Hussey 25-16. B Grade Singles: Jamieson Morgan def Gary Manser 25-19.


Visitors are most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the Club on 41514217 during opening hours. If you cannot get through to the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday 28th February: $300 Open Triples – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start. The 2 bowl ‘Toucher Jackpot’ will be played after the game and is currently $380.

Wednesday 1st March: ‘Scroungers’ Singles – this is a fun game of Singles similar to consistency singles where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15pm with games starting at 6.30pm. Green fees are $8 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prizemoney. All ability levels are welcome so come along for a fun night out.

Thursday 2nd March: ‘Thirsty Thursday’ Open Pairs. 3pm start, names by 2.30pm. Free drink (Sponsored) included in green fees. Games will finish at 5pm with two random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday 2nd March: Night Bowls – bowls start at 6.30pm, names in by 6pm. Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot. Visitors and those that want to try bowls for the first time will be made to feel very welcome.

Friday 3rd March: Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) 1pm start, names by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. Enjoy some social bowls with the chance to win the Friday Jackpot which is $190.

Saturday 4th March – Round 5 of the Wide Bay Bowls Classic (WBBC) Division 1: Burnett Vs ATW at Burnett. Division 3 Vs Burrum Heads at Burnett. Otherwise, Social play with Open Pairs – men’s, ladies or mixed. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start.

Sunday 5th March: Burnett President’s Day – please support President Denis on this day by turning up to play against the other visiting Clubs. President Denis would like to see all 3 greens full. The nomination sheet is at the Club.


Saturday 25th February: Round 5 of the Wide Bay Bowls Classic (WBBC). Division 1: Burnett Vs ATW at Burnett. Division 3: Burnett Vs Burrum Heads at Burnett.

Sunday 5th March: BURNETT PRESIDENT’S DAY – please support your Club and more importantly, President Denis by playing on this day against the other visiting Clubs. Please make yourself available and place your nomination on the sheet at the Club. Thanks.


Club opening hours are – Monday (Club closed), Tuesday 10am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am – 9pm, Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 9pm (10pm for Functions) Sunday Bowls Days 9am – 2pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday night at 7pm. The Member’s Draw is now $170, so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Live entertainment for this Friday night the 3rd March will be ‘The Other Bloke’ and the following Friday the 3rd March, live music will be delivered by Bradz Rock N Rhythms – Members, Guests, and Visitors are always welcome

Bundaberg Bowls Club

Tuesday 21st. February Winners: N Nunn,Marker J Jones. Runners Up: i Quartermaine, R Chambers. J Clough. Sport persons: K Innes. H Morley. G Mallett

Thursday 23rd. February $600 Money Day Sponsored by Aim Hearing.

Winners on Samson Green: B Sechtig, T Brigdon, F Dewhurst. First Runners UP:I Quartermaine, D Tilson, D Jenson. Second Runners Up: H Mosley, K Itzstein, J Jones.

Sports persons: J Jones, S Hucker, A Jones.

Foundation Green Winners: S Salau, A Salau, R Death. First Runners Up B Fryer, R Chambers, J Clough. Second Runners Up: B Bailey, V Schmidt, B Brown. Sports persons:

E Lutz, R Bury, E Edgerton.

Saturday 25th. Winners: D Jensen, R Ribbens Marker. Sports persons: R Bury, C Morey, J Francis, J Cappetta.

A GRADE SINGLES WINNERS: N Nunn Def. C Morey. D Jensen Def. S Sydenham, D Cooke, Def. J Francis, A Roylance Def. B Fryer.

MENS FOURS WINNERS: F Dewhurst, N Nunn, A Roylance, M Beaumont. Def. R Bury, C Morey, J Francis, J Cappetta.


C Marcinkus, L Scougall, K Itzstein, M Dick.V F Clarke, M Nicol, B Wiley-Baxter, T Salau.

S Sparke, D Francis, S Warren, S Bury. V J Jones, D Pascoe, S Hucker, H Mosley.

SATURDAY 4th. MENS singles: A Salau, V J Cappetta. B McKinnon, V R Nikora. F Dewhurst, V B Newton.

SATURDAY 11th. MARCH: Mens Fours: I Quartermaine, B Fryer, R Chambers, J Clough. V D Cooke, B Hofstetter, A Salau. R Death.

Selectors: Tuesday 28th. S & R Ribbans. Thursday 30th. K Mitchell, H Schmidt. Saturday J Clough.

Mens Nominations for B Grade Singles now open names on Whiteboard Please.

Uniform are worn on Thursday, Saturday and when playing Competition.

Up coming Events:

Monday 27th Feb: 12.30pm Cards Everyone welcome to play.

Tuesday 28th Feb: Social bowls 1pm.

Thursday 2nd. March Social Paddle Pop Draw 1pm.. Plus Competition.

Saturday 4th. Social Bowls and Competition 1pm.



Attention News:

Members, we now have an ATM Machine at the Club for your use.

Write these Dates in your Diary – Sunday 26th March Ivan Stockwell Memorial Day. Start at 1.00 p.m.

Also Sunday 5th November Past Presidents Visit to Bundaberg . Start at 9.00 a.m.

Woodgate Bowls Club

Tuesday 21.02.2230:
Ladies Day and what a day it was, started with a torrential downpour, only to fine up for a start at 2.00:
Heavy track after the rain, some ladies handled it better than others, but a great social afternoon was enjoyed by all who stayed to play.

Raels Cahill
Cheryl Goodhew
Doreen Ensbey

Wednesday 22.02.2023:
Mens day: Fabulous roll up of 48 men for a great afternoon of bowls:
Rink 14:
Joint winners today, same number of points, same number of ends.
Ian Goodhew
Lyall Brettell
Rowdy Taylor
Gerry Turner
Phil Mullins
Maurie Strano

Runners Up:
Bill Lang
Rob Colvin
Ray Lilly

Thursday 23.02.2023:
Today we had a corker of a game in the Open Mens singles competition between Clinton (Oyster) Dowling and Woodgate newcomer John (Robbo) Robinson.
The large crowd of spectators were treated to a lesson on how to play the game with some amazing shots from both players.
The game was anyone’s right to the last brilliantly played bowl by Oyster to take Robbo’s holding lead of four, moving the kitty back to take three and turning it into his own victory!
Thanks to Gordon Nuttall who stood as marker and Paul Rogerson who was our Umpire for the day.

Friday 24.02.2023:
What a feast of great games we’ve been treated to in the last couple of days!
Today we had the final of the Open Mens Fours Competition and another game in the Mens Open Singles.
Final first:
Team Winzar playing against Team Bishop.
Team Bishop as you would know (if you’ve been reading my posts) have come into this match on the back a couple of hard fought/fabulous wins.
The conditions were challenging to say the least, gusting wind, a stop for rain and the resulting heavy track made a test of skill for all bowlers involved.
Team Winzar emerged victorious after a slow start, possibly handled the conditions better than the opposition.
An entertaining game from start to finish, with some great bowls played.

Team Winzar:
L. Trevor Christensen
S. John Robinson

  1. Clinton Dowling
    S. Bob Winzar

Team Bishop:
L. Dennis Smith
S. Wayne Stanley

  1. Bill McUtchen
    S. Geoff Bishop

Ian Kirby stood as Umpire for the day.

Friday 25.02.2023:
Mens Open Singles match between Lyall Brettell and Brian Cornish:
This game was worthy of being a final not just a round game!
Some amazing shots played by both players in difficult conditions, same gusting wind, stop for rain and heavy track I mentioned above!
A real test of how a player must adapt to the conditions in front of him.
Both top notch players gave the crowd of spectators an edge of the seat experience, a game we were happy to get damp to watch.
Brian hit the lead but Lyall really holding focus and pulling it all together in the final stages to take the win.

Thanks to Robbie Hannah who was the marker for the match and Ian Kirby who earned his money as Umpire!
(you know the drill, damp heavy green, kitty roll questionable, Ian to sort out!)
Saturday 25.02.2023:
Another round of the Wide Bay Classic played today on our home green.
Woodgate played Maryborough.
Some great games with some going right to the last end for a result that could have gone either way.
Special thanks to Geoff Bishop who was our Umpire for the day.

Men’s Fours Team 1: Had a win 24/22.
L. Robbie Royan

  1. Ian Goodhew
  2. Gordon Nuttall
    S. Bob Winzar

Men’s Fours Team 2: Had a win 21/14
L. Trevor Christensen

  1. Wayne Stanley
  2. John Robinson
    S. Maurie Strano

Mens Pairs 1: Had a loss 9/24
Clinton Dowling
Brian Cornish

Mens Pairs 2: Had a win 27/19
Lyall Brettell
Rowdy Taylor

Mixed Pairs: Had a win 22/14
Cheryl Goodhew
Robbie Byrnes

Ladies Pairs 1: Had a loss 11/33
Jacquie Rogerson
Meredith Taylor

Ladies Pairs 2: Had a win 15/13
Daphne Brettell
Gail Lenz

Sunday 26.02.2023:
Wow! Today was such an amazing day for lovers of a great bowls game, and especially a Ladies Singles Bowls game!
Two talented Ladies Daphne Brettell and Jacquie Rogerson played it out for the winners in this round of the Open Ladies Singles Competition.
This really should have been the final, it was such a great game!
Daphne went out to a solid lead only to see Jacquie, who is not one to give up, claw her way back by the seventh end, she held the lead right up until the nineteenth end when Daphne again took the lead.
I can tell you it was really hard for we social bowlers to keep our minds on our game while having one eye on the competition game, it was so tense!
Jacquie again took the lead and led right up until the twenty-eight end when the score sat at Jacquie 22 Daphne 21, how tense is that?
I thought both husbands were about to have a coronary!
Last end, most of the social bowlers just stopped in their tracks to watch, Daphne rolled a fabulous bowl to sit beside kitty, Jacquie rolled an equally great bowl, Daphne rolled another great bowl, and so it went on, all tight around the head with lots of measuring going on.
The result was a solid four by Daphne to take the match 25/22.
Have to say the applause across the green was an indication of what a great game it was.
Congratulations to both players!
Special thanks to Marjo Greiner as marker and Robyn Bishop as Umpire.
Was so excited by the competition game that I forgot to give you the results of the rink draws:
Winning rink:
Rink 14:
L.Jane Herd-Evans

  1. Gloria Newby
    S. Rowdy Taylor
    Rink 15:
    L. Reg Cotton
  2. Lesley Christensen
    S. Col Ensby.

Bargara Bowls Club

Monday 20 th February – AM & PM Turkey Pairs – Winners – J. Emery & D. Jankovic;
runners up P. Andrew & H. Dingle; 2 nd runners up M. Kernick & J. Jardine; 3 rd runners up P.
VanHuzen & R. Monk; 4 th runners up L. Moloney & S. Burnell-Jones. Winners of 1 st Game
B. Burgess & R. Pershouse; runners up B. & C. Hippisley. Winners of 2 nd Game V. Kohn &
D. Brady; runners up L. Dunn & K. Aanensen.
Tuesday 21 st February – Ladies Championship Pairs – There were some great games of
Bowls as the Competition reached the Semi- Finals. In the first of the Semi’s H. Stewart &
Pam Andrew d Julie Dunn & June Hillier, In Second Sandra Burgess & Adele Pershouse d
J. Hearn & T. Merritt. The Final will be played on Tuesday starting at 12.30pm. Ladies
Social Bowls Winners G. Blakeman, V. Powell & K. Mason; runners up A. Salmon, T.
Morrison & J. Cannon; Sportsman’s L. Campbell, L. Stephens & D. Hart.
Wednesday 22 nd February – Turkey Pairs – Winners – J. Andrews & W. Baxter; runners up
C. Bridges & D. Jankovic. Winners of 1 st Game J. & H. Dingle. Winners of 2 nd Game E.
Scott & P. Hart.
Thursday 23 rd February – Men’s Pairs/Triples – Winners M. Kernick & W. Heath; R. Price,
R. Russell & J. Fehlberg; P. Wilson, N. McNamara & J. Nowell; M. Winter, J. Jardine & J.
Bryant. Sportsman’s M. Attwood, G. Stephens & B. Frost; B. Payner, R. Klump & A.
Johnson; R. Monk & M. Dillon; J. Russell & C. Gallagher.
Saturday 25 th February – Wide Bay Challenge – Div.1 Bargara d Burnett; Div.2 Bargara d
Pialba; Div3A Bargara d A.T.W.; Div 3B Bargara d Isis. Well done to all Teams. Social
Bowls Winners C. McNeilly & K. Aanensen; M. Attwood & Adam Baigrie.
Competition – Men’s “A” Fours Round 2. J. Russell, D. Jankovic, A. Grills & N. Cullen d
Jim See, M. Ramm Sub, K. Mayes & D. Mullins. “A” Singles G. McGrail d Rob Pershouse.
Sunday 26 th February – Super Sunday Triples – 94 Players enjoyed an afternoon on the
Greens. Winners I. Johnson, R. Salmon & A. Grills; K. Davern, S. Gray & R. Lambert; S.
Burnell-Jones, J. Barnes & L. Poulsen; J. & P. Andrew & K. Cook. Sportman’s D. Coster,
M. Whitbread & P. Wilson; V. Kohn, C. Palise & M. Stauffer; P. Pitt, W. & K. Fitzgerald; R.
Price, J. Christodolou & R. Russell.
Coming Events Mondays AM. Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two
games of 11 ends. Pay by 8am, 8.30am Start. PM. Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or
Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. Pay by 12 noon, 12.30 pm Start.
Tuesday – Ladies Championship Pairs Final. Ladies Social Bowls 12.30pm Start.
Wednesday – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends.
1pm Start.
Thursday – Men’s Pairs/Triples 1pm Start.
Friday – Jack Attack Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Pay by 5pm Start at 5.30pm.
Saturday – Fifth Round Wide Bay Challenge. 1 Division Bargara v Hervey Bay at Home , 2
Division Bargara v Woodgate at Woodgate, Division 3/A Bargara v Urangan at Urangan
and No.3/B Bargara v Hervey Bay at Home. More information via emails or at the Club.
Sunday – To be advised.

Across the Waves Ladies

Friday 24th February –
Social Bowls –
Winners – R.Baretta & L.Bauer
Sportsmen – L.Hillier & L.Murphy
Championship Pairs –
R.Higgins & F.De Bono d L.Hillier & L.Murphy

Saturday 25th February Wide Bay Challenge –
Div 1 – Urangan d ATW 5-2
Div 3 – Bargara d ATW 4-1

Sunday 26th February Night Bowls –
Winners – B.Lavender, N.Somerfield & M.Kelly
Runners-Up – C.Somerfield & A.Salau
Sportsmen – S.Bury & L.Hillier

Championship Pairs –
C.De Vries & K.Frawley v S.Squires & J.Jones

Nominations are now open for our Championship Singles Competition, closing and drawn on 17th March. First round to be played on 24th March.

All members are requested to attend our AGM to be held this Friday 3rd March at 10.30am in the Clubhouse.

Mixed social bowls are played every Friday under shades from 1pm and Sunday evening (until Easter). Put your name on the sheet in the clubhouse or phone Lyn Murphy on 0402 302 091.

Next Sunday, 5th March, our Night Bowls will be held in conjunction with the Past Presidents' Association bowls night at our Club. Contact Lyn Murphy or put your name on the sheet on the men's board in the clubhouse if you would like to play. Sausage sizzle at 5.30pm with bowls to get underway by 6pm. Club uniform to be worn.

$400 MONEY DAY sponsored by Optical Superstore –
Our first Money Day for the year will be on March 10th – ladies, men's or mixed triples. Phone Lyn Murphy on 0402 302 091 by Wednesday 8th March to get your team in.

Free coaching is available every Tuesday morning from 10am to midday. Phone Glenyss on 0408 019 707 by Monday to book in.