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Spike a playful pup looking for a home

Spike adoption foster
Spike is currently up for adoption and foster care, available at Red Collar Rescue.

Spike may be a bit shy when you first meet him but the team at Red Collar Rescue said once he gets to know you more, he will show you his playful and cute side.

Spike is currently up for adoption and foster care.

He isn't a big solid boy and he has some speed on him when he feels like going for zoomies.

Having said that, he isn't a high energy boy.

Spike is happy hanging out with other dogs or humans but would still love some quality time out sniffing and exploring his surroundings.

Spike's stats

Age: Two years
Male/Female: M
Microchip: yes
Adoption fee: $450
Foster carer required: yes
Desexed: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Wormed: yes
Heartworm treated: yes

Find out more about Spike here.

About Red Collar Rescue

Red Collar Rescue Inc. was established in 2009 and became a registered organisation in late 2010 with the primary aim of providing temporary refuge and eventually new homes for abandoned, abused, unwanted and death row dogs.

We are an independent, non-profit, non-government funded, organisation run primarily by Sharyn and Russell Banks.

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