LifestyleBubbles, Brie and Bingo for the young lifesavers

Bubbles, Brie and Bingo for the young lifesavers

Bubbles Brie and Bingo Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving
Bundaberg Surf Rescue Team including the U15 team of Mia Atkinson, Gabi Vaggs, Mitch McInnes and Finn Heads.

Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Club is holding its favoured Bubbles, Brie and Bingo event again to support young lifesavers.

Bundaberg Surf Life Saving member Natalie Pascoe said the event continued to be hugely popular for the club as it was something different – bingo with a little twist of glam.

She said this month Bubbles, Brie and Bingo was also vital in helping to raise funds to support young members to go to National Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Natalie said Bundaberg Surf Life Saving Club had a surf rescue team who had gone through the ranks of nippers and were now taking part in the famed surf rescue events. 

“These events are what being a surf lifesaver is all about,” she said.

“They are learning valuable skills such as first aid, administering CPR, defib and oxygen application and how to work as a rescue team during patrols.

“As well as all the other physical events being a surf lifesaver entails such as team swim and tube rescues.”

Natalie said at the recent Queensland Surf Rescue Championships, held at Alexander Headlands, two teams of U15s and U17s ran with the best of the best.

“Our results were stunning,” she said.

“Our U15 team had their first go at champion patrol and comment was made on patrol captain leadership and team cohesiveness.

“We had competitors doing champion lifesaver events getting close to podium in 4th position.

Bubbles Brie and Bingo Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving
Bundaberg Surf Lifeseving U17 Champion Patrol team members Olly Meehan, Harriet Mullins, Lizzie Pascoe and Amelia Walsh with their team coaches Natalie Pascoe and Kyle Meehan.

“Our U17 team shone, achieving silver in champion patrol as well as an individual silver medal for champion lifesaver.

“This U17 team now have qualified for the National Surf Lifesaving Championships to be held in Perth end of March.

“They are so very excited to go as last year, despite winning gold, were too young to participate in this event.”

Natalie said they were hoping to gather community spirit during the fun afternoon of Bubbles, Brie and Bingo to support the team as they continued their wonderful journey through surf lifesaving.

She said the event would be fun and include games starting with a glass of bubbles or beer, before bingo begins.

“Enjoy each other’s company with your own charcuterie board while taking part in raffles and Super 7s throughout the afternoon,” she said.

“This fundraising event is all about our young surf lifesavers.”

Bubbles, Brie and Bingo for lifesavers

When: Sunday, 12 March
Where: Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Club, Fred Courtice Drive, Bargara.
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