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Childers Heritage Weekend celebrations return

Isis Masonic Lodge
Community members were invited inside Isis Masonic Lodge during the Childers Heritage Weekend in 2022.

The rich culture and history of Childers will be proudly on show during the second annual Childers Heritage Weekend as part of the Australian Heritage Festival.

Locals and visitors will be able to explore a number of experiences during the two-day event in May, with the return of the popular open houses.

Taking part in the Childers Heritage Weekend will give visitors the opportunity to step inside the historic Isis Masonic Lodge, the old Apple Tree Creek School, Childers Historical Complex and Childers Soldiers Room.

Several functions and features have already been developed under the guidance of Isis District Historical Society Inc members Scott Stedman, Abby Biggs and Darren Eastwood.

As a local historian, Scott said a number of activities had been planned and he was looking forward to showcasing the charm of Childers for everyone to see.

“We will celebrate the rich cultural and historic roots of the charming Childers area, along with our local heritage,” Scott said.

“This includes museum visits, a military vehicle and vintage fire engine display at the Childers Historical Complex plus discovery walks around the town.”

The inaugural event last year had visitors indulging in the popular Childers mock chicken legs, served up by the Freemasons at Isis Masonic Lodge, and taking in the community history as West Street Hall opened its doors.

“In my book, last year was successful even though we had some weather,” Scott said.

“This year we are hopeful for perfect conditions to give more people the chance to come and see what Childers has to offer.”

West Street Hall Childers Heritage Weekend
Childers Multicultural Group president Robert Maisey welcomed the community through West Street Hall during the Childers Heritage Weekend in 2022.

Scott said there would an open-visit scheme consisting of historic buildings and sites of significance, static military and cultural displays, along with story-sharing in the library.

He said there would also be demonstrations and displays of traditional crafting and Devonshire teas served in the old Apple Tree Creek School, now the CWA rooms. 

“There will also be open access to all displays at the Childers Historical Complex, the Soldiers Room, the Masonic Hall and West Street Hall, a display of handmade-patchwork quilts along with an orchid display in Christ Church, Childers,” Scott said.

“A display of historic police memorabilia will be at the Childers Police Station.

“The aim of the weekend is to draw visitors into the region allowing the shared historic and cultural richness and experience to encourage economic growth and development in the local area.”

The exciting weekend of activities and attractions is part of a nation-wide celebration of regional local heritage, celebrating the rich cultural and historical roots of the charming area during the Australian Heritage Festival and will be held on 13 and 14 May.

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