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Hop into Lifeblood this Easter break

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In Queensland alone, 500 additional blood donors are needed from Thursday April 6 to Monday April 10.

Bundaberg Region residents are being encouraged to roll up their sleeves and hop into Lifeblood to help bolster the number of blood donations this Easter.

It's the perfect time to donate, according to Lifeblood, with chocolate lovers having a genuine excuse to treat themselves to another Easter egg.

The organisation says people burn around 500 calories from a blood or plasma donation as the body uses energy to replace the donation.

Lifeblood Executive Director of Donor Services, Cath Stone, said it the equivalent of approximately 12 mini Easter eggs. 

“While this may be good news for your tastebuds, it is even better news for the thousands of Australians who need your blood over the Easter period,” Ms Stone said.

“Easter is traditionally a quieter time in our donor centres because people take the opportunity to go on holiday, but the need for blood does not stop.

“Lifeblood needs 5,300 people with an hour to spare to fill the donation chairs to meet the demand for blood and blood products.

“Existing and new donors are welcome, and right now we’re particularly looking for people with O Negative blood type.”

Thousands of people will need blood this Easter, including trauma and emergency patients, women in childbirth, and people being treated for cancer.

In Queensland alone, 500 additional donors are needed from Thursday April 6 to Monday April 10.

One donation can save up to three lives.

If saving lives and enjoying more Easter eggs are not incentive enough, a study of Australian blood donors found giving blood also boosts your mood

“Our researchers found most donors felt less stress and more joy as they progressed through their donation,” Ms Stone said.   

“You can now even book an appointment for yourself and a friend at the same time at the same centre on the Lifeblood DonateBlood app.

“Catch up, feel the benefits of blood and plasma donation, and save lives together!”

Lifeblood has a record 46 donor centres open throughout Australia on Good Friday.

To book an appointment call 13 14 95,  book online at lifeblood.com.au or on the DonateBlood app.

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