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Expert advice for Innovation Awards teams

Ulton Senior Accountant Connor Silcox with teams from this year's Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards.

Mentoring sessions are underway for the 11 local secondary school teams taking part in the 2023 Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards.

The awards aim to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by helping students in the Bundaberg Region unlock problem-solving potential and take their big technology ideas to the next level.

During this mentoring phase, students can access specialist and technical advice from local entrepreneurs and experts to assist in the development of their ideas.

Following that, finalists will create a short video about their idea or concept to submit to the panel for judging.

Successful teams will go on to participate in the final pitch and presentation night on Wednesday 14 June at the Bundaberg Multiplex.

Ulton Senior Accountant Connor Silcox has been involved as a mentor in the program for the past two years and offered advice to students on the financial and legal considerations of their ideas.

He said that he was impressed by the quality of the student’s work this year.

“We have been encouraging students to explore the business and accounting world and the opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the business sector,” he said.

During the mentoring stage of the competition students develop their ideas with guidance from local entrepreneurs and experts.

As a Bundaberg North State High School graduate, Connor said he liked to give back and ensure that future students have the same opportunities he had at school.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship can lead to many successful pathways for students,” he said.

“It is also important for the country that we embrace entrepreneurship and innovation as it leads to new jobs, products and services, and the growth of the economy.

“It’s especially important in regions, like Bundaberg, where a successful business can lead to the betterment of a whole community.”

The 11 local secondary school teams participating in this year’s awards are:

•         Bundaberg Christian College – F.F.E Wagon Family Food Experience

•         Bundaberg Christian College – Sustaina Sports

•         Bundaberg Christian College – The Well-Being

•         Bundaberg Christian College – Rental Rizzler’s (R.R.H)

•         Bundaberg State High School – Never Forget

•         Bundaberg State High School – Hard Heads

•         St Luke’s Anglican School – CATZ

•         St Luke’s Anglican School – Eco Monitors

•         St Luke’s Anglican School – Scanning for COVID

•         St Luke’s Anglican School – Sunscreen Tablet

•         Shalom College – QuickQ



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