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Sewer network maintenance planned

Sewer maintenance coastal sewer network
A sewer infrastructure survey will be undertaken in Woodgate to map access points which are often located on private land

Bundaberg Regional Council this week began planned maintenance of the sewer network throughout Kalkie and Bargara.

Maintenance of the sewer network is essential and these works need to be completed to ensure the system operates effectively.

Pipe Management Australia has been engaged to inspect and clean the sewerage pipework and is expected to continue from May 2023 through to June 2023, weather permitting.

During the works access Council’s contractor mayneed to access your property during this process.

The contractor will liaise directly with affected residents should access to the network be required within their private property.

Council’s contractor will always carry formal identification which can be presented on request and residents can contact Bundaberg Regional Council on 1300 883 699 if they have any concerns about a request to access property.

Cleaning and inspection activities are expected to be carried out between the hours of 6.30 am and 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Works will be undertaken using Traffic Control with closure of sections of the existing footpath or road shoulder where required. Access to private properties adjoining the work areas will be maintained during this period.

Council advises residents to be aware of inspection and cleaning equipment and requests that all safety signage be adhered to.

Bundaberg Regional Council is aware of the inconvenience maintenance work causes and thanks businesses, residents and road users in advance for their patience and co-operation.

The completion of these scheduled works is dependent on weather and may be subject to change.

While sewer cleaning works are underway:

You may hear the cleaning machinery in the pipework while this work is being completed, this is normal.

Toilets, sinks, etc. can still be used as normal, though while not in use residents are advised to ensure toilet lids are kept down during this period.

While being a rare occurrence, air may be released through the toilet pans.

This situation is normally caused by partial blockages within the property owners sanitary house drain that prevents the vent on the drain from functioning correctly.

If you have any concerns in relation to this work contact Council’s project manager on 1300 883 699.

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