Following through with What Doggies Do

Local author Alan Corbett has published his second cartoon collection, What Doggies Do.

Award-winning Moore Park Beach author Alan Corbett is back with his second book on animal antics, What Doggies Do.

Alan's first book Chicken Nibbles: Cartoons About Backyard Chickens, won top place in the International Book Impact Awards and finalist position in the International Book Awards, both in the humour section.

As a dog lover and long-term owner of two Ridgebacks, he decided that publishing a book on dogs was the next logical step.

“The cartoons cover what dogs do at home and on walks, their distinct personalities and endearing qualities,” Alan explains.

“They also illustrate our bond with our companion animals and why, for some, a dog may be the best and only friend a person may have.

The book features 31 breeds over 50 colour cartoons, each with their own explanation.

“Most cartoons were motivated by my experiences with my dogs, through observing other dogs or from accounts of what other dogs have done,” said Alan.

“That’s why they are funny and relatable.”

Alan Corbett has published his second book of cartoons What Doggies Do following the success of his first Chicken Nibbles.

Alan said that the easiest part of the process was coming up with an idea for a cartoon, he would then sketch it out and work with professional cartoonists Mark Lynch and Donatoni to bring his vision to life.

“You’ve got to be patient and tenacious but it’s well worth it if you want to do something for yourself,” he said of the process.

“There are always two components – getting to the publishing stage and then the marketing which is the hardest part because there are millions of books which come on the market each year so you have to let people know that your book is there.

“I will be going for awards again because that gives external credibility as well.”

Sadly Alan lost both his beloved dogs in the last year due to complications from old age and says it’s a bit too soon to know whether he’ll get another one one day.

One thing he does know is that he's unlikely to create another book after this one.

“People have suggested cats and goldfish and ducks but it’s a long and expensive process and at the moment my priorities are elsewhere,” he said.

“It was a bucket list thing and now I’ve done it.”

What Doggies Do is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.