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Clown swing brings back fond memories

Clown swing park
The clown swing is back at Boreham Park, much to the delight of local families.

Local families have another reason to flock to one of the region's most popular playgrounds, with the Boreham Park clown swing officially back in the area.

The swing was a permanent fixture for many years before it was removed from the park in 2021 when major upgrades were taking place.

Since then, it underwent refurbishment and was kept in storage awaiting reinstallation.

Earlier this month the swing made its way back to the park, much to the delight of locals.

Bundaberg mum Kristie is a huge fan of the swing and said its return had already created plenty of fun times for her five children.

“They all love it because it whizzes around, it is great,” she said.

“I come along to Boreham Park every couple of weeks with the kids.

“It's a really lovely place for them to explore, to have a barbecue and more.

“When I heard that the clown swing was coming back, I was very pleased.

“Normal swings are good but they are stationary and just not as fun as a clown swing, we need more than one!”

History of the clown swing

The Bundaberg clown swing is not the first of its kind in Australia, in fact, Alexandra Park was also home to one of these unique pieces of play equipment.

According to Fibreglass Victoria these specific types of swings can also be found across the nation and were originally made in Perth.

“The moulds were lost in a factory fire many years ago, which made this slightly scary clown faces all that bit more special as they could no longer be reproduced,” the website states.

Bundaberg Regional Council Divisional representative Cr John Learmonth said while there was little known local history about the swing, the memories from the community dated back more than 40 years.

“I have had conversations with many pleased residents who recall the swing being a favourite at Boreham Park from the early ‘80s,” he said.

“It's definitely an eye-catching piece of play equipment with its retro façade.

“The swing has obviously created many fond memories for plenty of residents in the past and will now be a big part of good times for our local children into the future.”

Fond memories of clown swing

When Bundaberg Now first shared news of the return of the clown swing to readers, many were quick to share their memories about growing up with the eclectic piece of play equipment.

“My dad could get us airborne on this baby!,” one comment read.

“Couldn't count the hours I spent on this as a kid,” another added.

“I remember my brothers swinging us girls on this weapon. Was the best thing. I remember parents and kids standing on the sides in wow that our brothers got us so high. Best swing ever,” another resident commented.

The clown swing can be found at Boreham Park, Avenell Heights.

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