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Special exhibition a highlight for kids art course

Madeline Matt
Local artist and RADF grant recipient Madeline Matt held a drawing course for kids in the Art Plus workshop space.

Students of local artist Madeline Matt will celebrate the end of their 10-week drawing course with a special exhibition at the Bundaberg School of Arts Building in Bourbong Street.

The group of nine young students have been honing their drawing skills since April.

The exhibition was funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund through Bundaberg Regional Council.

The lessons, held in the Art Plus workshop space, focused on new skills and subjects each week to help the students create their own unique artworks for the exhibition.

Students learned to draw from still life objects and images, covering a range of topics from portraiture to animals and sea life to abstract art.

All lessons are taught only with graphite pencil, pushing students to be creative with line, shape and shading across a greyscale palette.

Madeline said the group of students had been inspiring and creative throughout the workshop series.

“I am very proud of their dedication and progress over the course of the term,” she said.

“I’ve enjoyed helping the students along their creative journeys.”

Madeline herself has been passionate about art and creativity since childhood.

Her first love was drawing, a skill she sees as fundamental in her pursuit of an artistic career in painting.

“I believe that your ability to paint is heavily influenced by your ability to draw,” she said.

“The younger you start drawing, the more time you will have to master your interests.”

A love of learning and improving skills is something Madeline shares with her students.

A recent workshop by local artist Vanessa Allegra opened her eyes to the world of oil painting, which is now her favourite medium.

“I always dreamed of being an oil painter, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I ‘graduated’ from acrylics to oils,” she said.

“It has been the best experience and I’m so happy to have a new medium under my belt.”

The exhibition will be held at the Bundaberg School of Arts, 184 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg CBD from 10.30 am, Sunday 4 June, for one day only.

Public welcome.

More information about Madeline’s kids art lessons can be found here.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

For more information about the Regional Arts Development Fund, click here.

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