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On the greens: latest bowls results

Bowls results region
Check out the latest in results and news from on the greens of bowls clubs right around the region.

Across The Waves Mens


Wednesday 31st May Social Bowls –

Winners – C.Ragni & R.Batt

Sportsmen – S. & K.Lankowski

Thursday 1st June Money Day –

1st Green –

Winners – G.Hartigan, S.Penningh, T.Barns

1st Runners-Up – A.Shaw, V.Sauer, B.Naumann

2nd Runners-Up – N.Knight, P.Manning, B.Frost

Sportsmen – B.Lavender, R.Batt, B.Koorneef

2nd Green –

Winners – L.McMahon, T.Ogden, J.Mizzi

1st Runners-Up – J.Jones, G.Lock, J.Callaway

2nd Runners-Up – W.Brotherton, M.Hillier, B.Brotherton

Sportsmen – A.Campbell, T.Brigden, V.Mallett

Friday 2nd June Final Open Fours –

F.Berry, P.Lituri, B.Frost, T.Anderson def  E.Marcon, R.Whitton, P.Kajewski, T.Smith

Saturday 3rd June Social Bowls –

Winners – M.Tobin & Junior

Sportsmen – D.Goodman-Jones & Romeo


Saturday 10th June at 10am:

Semi-Final Open Singles

M.Tobin v Junior

T.Smith v E.Marcon

Winners to play final in afternoon 


$400 MONEY DAY this Friday 9th June sponsored by Trewallyn Nursery.  Phone Lyn on 0402 302 091 by Wednesday to get your triples team in.


An umpire information morning will be held at ATW Bowls Club on Wednesday 21st June starting at 9.30am.   Phone Glenyss on 0408 019 707 for further details.

Across The Waves Ladies


Friday 2nd June:

Trophy Winners – K.Mason, V.Jarvis, J.Callaway

Sportsmen – G.Crutchett, R.Higgins, P.Stokes

Final Championship Triples –

K.Mason, V.Jarvis. J.Callaway def  L.Robinson, J.Mizzi,  R.Byers

Congratulations girls!  Thanks Glenyss for doing the umpiring duties.

$400 MONEY DAY  Friday 9th June sponsored by Trewallyn Nursery –

Phone Lyn on 0402 302 091 by Wednesday to get your triples team in.


Friday 9th June at 9am.


Friday 16th June:

Consistency Singles –

L.Robinson v R.Higgins

Play or forfeit

UMPIRE INFORMATION MORNING –  An umpire information morning will be held at ATW Bowls Club on Wednesday 21st June starting at 9.30am.   Phone Glenyss  on 0408 019 707 for further details.

Bargara Bowls

NOTES W/e 4th June

Monday 29th May – Turkey Pairs – Winners K. & G. Gallagher; runners up G. Stephens & J. Jardine; 2nd runners up L. Dunn & V. Sauer; Winners of 1st Game J. & J. Hillier; runners up H. Stewart & Judy Nowell. Winners of 2nd Game  D. Brady & T. Fauser; runners up R. Pershouse & B. Burgess.

Tuesday 30th May –  Ladies Social Bowls – Winners L. DuBarrie, W. McNamara & K. Mason; runners up L. Campbell, M, Schluter & K. Dodds; Sportsman’s T. Spituri, D. Hayden & T. Heath.

Wednesday 31st May – Turkey Pairs – Winners J. Russell & A. Grills; runners up B. Hearn & A. Powell. Winners of 1st Game P. Pitt & R. Pershouse; Winners of 2nd Game C. Bridges & P. Sexton;  Sportsman’s B. Watt & J. Grills.

Thursday 1st June – Men’s Pairs or Triples – Winners R. Hoiberg, G. Miles & G. Gallagher; L. McCarthy & J. Hayden; B. Gill & P. Barker; S. Larsen, T. Fribbins & N. McNamara. Sportsman’s G. Stephens & B. Dilg; P. Sexton & T. Chapman; P. Scholes & T. O’Hagan; M. Dillon, R. Heness & R. Pershouse.

Saturday 3rd June – Jack Attack Winners  S. Stewart & K. Gallagher; runners up G. Dunn, L. McCarthy & F. Brotherton.

Sunday 4th June – International Day – 96 Players enjoyed a Great Day sponsored by 8 Sponsors representing  their Country of Origin. Winners D. Brady Team, J. Hayden Team, P. VanHuizen Team, G. Gallagher Team and H. Dingle Team. Game Winners – First Game J. Bryant Team; R. McNeilly Team. Second Game K. Mayes Team; A. Poke Team. Lucky Draws F. Brotherton Team; T. Anderson Team; B. Dunn Team; W. Baxter Team; C. Neilson Team; R. Lambert Team.

District Men’s Champion of Champion’s Fours – Bargara team of B. Hearn, G. Hutchinson, K. Fitzgerald & A. Powell d Teams from Woodgate, Burnett & Brothers in the District Final to progress to the Zone Finals.  Well done Bargara.

Coming Events

Monday Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30pm Start.

Tuesday –  Ladies Club Triples – 3 Games of 13 ends 9am Start. Ladies Social bowls 12.30pm Start.

Wednesday  – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30pm Start.

Thursday – Men’s Pairs/Triples 12.30pm Start.

Saturday – Jack Attack – Open Pairs 2 Games of 5 Ends12.30pm Start.

Sunday – Men’s President’s Day – Open Fours 12.30pm Start.



Sunday 4th June.

Sponsored day Bundaberg Marineland Tuesday 30th. June. samson green winners.  G Ferguson Des  Jones M Jeffes

Runners Up:  Judy  Jones B Elworthy S Sparke

Runner Up 2: J Farmer  J Kemp W Seawright. 

Sports Persons: D Tilson  l Chartris D Jenson.

Foundation Green Winners:  E Lutz R Bury A Edgerton.   RUNNERS UP:  M Hillier S Burnell –Jones L Poulsen RUNNER UP 2: Judy Jones S Hucker A JonesSPORTS PERSONS: H McKinnon B McKinnon  P Lovell

Thursday 1st. June winners :  C Morey M Fitzpaatrick H Mosley. V Schmidt Judy Jones. SPORTS PERSONS: R Chambers R Bury G Purches.

2nd. June President day winners: J Caesar R Moisel K Itzstein A Edgerton RUNNERS UP: H Mosley  B Elworthy R Buy J Cappetta

Sports persons: T Kemp B Trudgian J Noll B Flaasen. SPIDERS: R Buy A Edgerton A Goldsworthy Chris Sherwin.

Saturday  B Kirkman R Sydenham V Schmidt. Runners UP.D Pye B Barry R Nikora.   Sports persons: G Stewart R Smith C Jensen.

Selectors Tuesday 30th. S & R Ribbans. THURSDAY 1st. JUNE . M Nicol J Clough. SATURDAY 3rd.  V Schmidt.

Men`s competition results: B Grade Triples: B Fryer A Jones A Edgerton Def R Chambers R Bury G Purches.

Competition call men: Saturday 10th. June b grade pairs:

Thursday 8th .June Triples;  P Lovell A Salau B McKinnon V N Nunn A Roylance R Kilpatrick.

Saturday 10th. June b grade pairs: P Lovell B Mckinnon V R Chambers B Sechtig B Fryer.

 Note : if you are away please use the away book.

Comp called play sub or forfeit.

Arrange your own time to suit when played. Must be completed by Saturday 1st. July 2023


LADIES SEMI FINAL PAIRS 10th. JUNE: M Nicol T Salau V F Clarke B Wiley Baxter

Members wishing to play on special money days please put your team on the sheet provided for this.

Permanent teams on the sheets are 1st. 2nd. Tuesday and 4th. Thursday of the month.

President Day Bargara 1pm. start require 4 men to participate names on the sheet on notice board.

Upcoming events:

6th. June sponsored day c c electrical

8th. June social and competition.

Saturday 10th. June social and competition. District 4`s played at Bundaberg.

Tuesday 13th. Sponsored Andy`s fish & chips café

Ladies it`s time to put your name on the sheet for pennant or let me know that you would like to participate.

So that we will know how many divisions to put in for. Thank you Marcia ph. 0480114877.

Bowls Burnett Men


Tuesday 30th May: Winners: Bob Hannah, Greg Cole Runners Up: Malcolm Juilerat, Keith Whalley Sportsman: Eric Mulley, Alan Vinegrad.

Wednesday 31st May: Scroungers: Winner: Peter Bull Runners Up: Darrin Cotton, Des Kemp.

Thursday 1st June: No bowls due to the Show Holiday.

Thursday 1st June: No bowls due to the Show Holiday.

Friday 2nd June: Winners: Arthur Wood, Rod Gartrell Sportsman: Greg Dewing, Greg Murray. The Friday Jackpot was not won and will now be $190 next week.

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June: 75th Anniversary Triples Carnival: Overall Winners: Fiona Dowling, Jake Fehlberg, Cody Fehlberg – 6 wins +35, 2nd Place: Terri Plowman, Bogga Kath, Warick Bellert – 5 wins +77, 3rd Place: Connie Rixon, Matt Tonkin, Keith Whalley – 5 wins +55, 4th Place: Xavier Parkinson, Sue Petterson, Hayden Leslie – 5 wins +53, 5th Place: John Jardine, Sue Jardine, Darryl Austin – 5 wins +46. Thank you to the Carnival Sponsors namely: Scott Burke Solar, Mark Haster Painting, Arcon Metals & Recycling, Hinkler Podiatry and Kalki Moon Brewing and Distilling. Thank you to everyone that helped volunteer and organize the event as it was a great weekend of bowls. For full results and photos, go to the Burnett Bowls Club Facebook page.


All members are asked to check the draws and continue to arrange games by mutual agreement.

Competition Results: Championship Singles Semi-Finals: Beau Mark def Darryl Austin 25-18, Keith Whalley def Yogi Best 25-12. B Grade Singles: Zed Peters def Bob Hannah 25-20.

Competition Call: Saturday 10th June: Club Championship Singles FINAL: Beau Mark Vs Keith Whalley (Marker: Denis Bust)


Visitors are most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the Club on 41514217 during opening hours. If you cannot get through to the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday 6th June: Open Pairs – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start. The Two Bowl Toucher Jackpot will be played after the game and is currently $70.

Wednesday 7th June: ‘Scroungers’ Singles – this is a fun game of Singles similar to consistency singles where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15pm with games starting at 6.30pm. Green fees are $10 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prize money. All ability levels are welcome so come along for a fun night out.

Thursday 8th June: ‘Social Thursday’ Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed). Names in by 2.30pm for a 3.00pm start. play till 5.00pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday 8th June: Night Bowls – bowls start at 6.30pm, names in by 6pm. Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot which will be $13+ this week. Visitors and those that want to try bowls for the first time will be made to feel very welcome.

Friday 9th June: Open Pairs – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start. The Friday Jackpot will be $190.

Saturday 10th June: AIM HEARING $400 Sponsored Day. Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start. Random draw for cards with 3 cash prizes for winners and 3 cash prizes for Sportsman on the day.

Winners will be drawn from the hat. There will be a free BBQ after the game for all that attend. The Two Bowl Toucher Jackpot will be played after the game. Everyone is welcome.


The official morning tea on Friday the 2nd of June was well attended with the following dignitaries in attendance: the Bundaberg Mayor – Jack Dempsey, Division 5 Councilor – Vince Habermann, Division 6 Councilor Tracey McPhee and Bowls Queensland Vice President – Kerry Green. After the speeches congratulating Burnett Bowls Club for their 75th Anniversary the cutting of the commemorative cake was performed by the Men’s President – Denis Bust and the Ladies President Sue Petterson.

The official dinner on Saturday night was also well attended with live music by ‘Old Habits’ creating a great atmosphere. To round off the celebrations, Burnett hosted the 75th Anniversary Mixed Triples Carnival on the weekend.

Teams travelled from all over Queensland and enjoyed the fine weather and experienced the good greens that Burnett had to offer. The overall winners were Fiona Dowling, Jake Fehlberg and Cody Fehlberg.

Further results can be viewed on the Burnett Bowls Club Facebook page.

A huge thank you to the Board of management and all of the volunteers that helped with the planning and organization of the 75th Anniversary celebrations. Great job!


Saturday 10th June: WBBC $400 Day Sponsored by Aim Hearing: Open Pairs with a free BBQ after the game. Everyone welcome.

Sat 17th & Sun 18th June: McCracken Cup – teams will be selected this week and posted on the noticeboard by Friday.


Club opening hours are – Monday (Club closed), Tuesday 10am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 11am – 9pm, Thursday 2pm – 9pm, Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 9pm (10pm for Functions) Sunday Bowls Days 9am – 2pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday night at 7pm. The Member’s Draw was won last week and will now restart at $50, so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Live entertainment for this Friday night the 9th June will be Bradz Rock N Rhythmsand the following Friday the 16th June, live music will be delivered by ‘The Other Bloke’. Members, Guests, and Visitors are always welcome.

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