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‘Contemplate’ offers space to stop and be still

Kym Barrett contemplate
Bundaberg-born artist Kym Barrett will present an immersive exhibition, ‘contemplate', at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, opening Friday 10 May. Photo: Charmaine Lyons.

In her new exhibition, contemplate, artist Kym Barrett offers visitors a quiet space to stop and be still, in an intimate installation that responds to nature’s patterns and forms.

Opening at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 5.30 pm Friday 10 May, contemplate will present a full immersive experience that evokes the feeling of being present at the creek on Kym’s rural property in Chatsworth, Queensland.

The exhibition is the first time the Bundaberg-born artist has brought together different components of her practice which includes collaged waxed bowls, unframed photographs, drawings using charcoal, ink and cold wax medium, poetry and a soundscape.

“It’s not so much a new way of working but more an experimental incorporation of other parts of my practice into a whole and realising the importance the different aspects play in my creative process,” Kym said.

“By integrating text, imagery and 3d works along with a morning birdsong soundscape I hope to recreate the nourishing, calming aspects of my home space.

“I live in a quiet bush creek landscape and being surrounded by nature is important to my full experience of life. 

“It helps to tune in to the solitude the surroundings offer.”

In creating a sensory experience that emulates her treasured natural environment, Kym hopes visitors will contemplate their own connection to nature.

“Our western culture prizes busyness and achievement, filling up time,” Kym said.

“And the act of being without doing is often seen as a waste of time. 

“I want to revive the idea of appreciating just being, for myself and others.

“Perhaps remember the necessity of being in touch with the earth and its natural elements, for relaxation and healing for both us and the Earth.”

Artist talk

Kym Barrett contemplate
Kym Barrett, “Dad's Heart”, 2023, photograph.

The opening will be followed by an artist talk at 10 am on Saturday 11 May, in which the artist will talk about her creative process and her years of artistic practice.

“What I value most about my practice is the joy and freedom of the actual making but also the things that an arts practice teaches me,” Kym said.

“Things like letting go, acceptance of the unknown, courage, risk-taking.”

Kym said she wanted to acknowledge the part her hometown of Bundaberg has played in her creative career.

“My guiding star and art inspiration was my Kepnock art teacher, the very famous Jennifer McDuff,” Kym said. 

“I really do owe her my art path and feel big gratitude and love towards her as do so many other of her art students over the years. 

“I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to show in Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, in my hometown of Bundaberg.”

Kym was the Overall Winner of the Bundaberg Art Prize 2022 with her artwork “A Torn Memory – Presence and Absence”.

She previously exhibited at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in the 2008 exhibition in search of the Golden Thread.


Where:                 The Vault, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, 1 Barolin Street

Opening:             5.30 pm, Friday 10 May.

Free, all welcome, no booking required.

Artist talk:           10 am, Saturday 11 May.

Free, all welcome, no booking required.

Contemplate will be on display at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery until Sunday 7 July.



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