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Roads improving through Black Spot Program

roads May Bundaberg
Work is continuing for two more Black Spot Programs with the Commercial/Production Street project now at 75% complete and Targo/Burnett Street Black Spot Program progressing with 15% completed in May.

Footpath upgrades and Black Spot Program improvements were just a few of the essential roads and drainage works to happen in May across the Bundaberg Region.

The Black Spot Program is an Australian Government funded initiative that provides funding for low-cost, high-benefit improvements on the road network to address actual or potential crashes that lead to high severity outcomes (fatalities and hospitalisations).

Bundaberg Regional Council nominated four intersections, based on crash data for the most recent five-year period, for inclusion in the 2023/2024 Black Spot Program.

In the Bundaberg area Johanna Blvd/Commercial Street works were completed in May while the Birthamba Road Black Spot curve improvement project continued.

Work was underway for two other Black Spot Programs, including Commercial/Production Street and the Burnett/Targo Street Black Spot Program progressing with 15% completed in May.

Other roads and drainage work

In the Childers area the rehabilitation and widening of Foleys Road at North Gregory continued, while drainage and earthwork started in the Childers SES carpark project.

A floodway renewal began at Diamond Hill Road in the Gin Gin area, and the culvert renewal at Winfield Road was completed.

May roads and drainage summary

A range of other minor and maintenance works were also completed, including:

Bundaberg area

Drain clearing

  • Sweeper programmed work support
  • Bell Street, Bundaberg South
  • George Street, Bundaberg South
  • Ann Street, Bundaberg East

Bus shelter refurbishments

  • Cottell Street, Bundaberg North
  • Searle Street, Thabeban

Footpath repairs

  • Malvern Drive, Moore Park Beach
  • Takalvan Street, Avoca
  • Egret Lane, Moore Park Beach
  • Targo Street, Walkervale
  • Selmar Place, Innes Park North

Bus stops

  • Branyan Drive, Branyan
  • Maultby Street, Moore Park Beach
  • Croft Street, Bargara
  • Riverview Road, Elliott Heads

Maintenance patching truck

  • Continuation of patching council roads and asphalt works for
  • other departments within council

Sweeper truck

  • Avoca
  • North Bundaberg
  • Millbank
  • West Bundaberg
  • Bargara Esplanade
  • Bundaberg CBD
  • Waste management facilities
  • Salter Street, Kepnock
  • Bundaberg Regional Council | 2
  • Civil Works Engineers Report
  • For month ending 31 May 2024

Grading works

  • Norton Road, Moore Park Beach
  • Baillies Road, Moore Park Beach
  • Barnards Road, Moorland
  • Beestons Road, Moorland
  • Bobbermans Road, Moorland
  • Hunts Crossing Road, Moorland
  • Beryls Road, Moorland
  • Careys Road, Meadowvale
  • Wards Road, Meadowvale
  • Blairs Road, Sharon
  • Sharon Road, Sharon
  • Manoo Road, Sharon
  • Ferris Road, Sharon
  • James Road, South Kolan
  • Lew Crosswell Road, South Kolan

Gravel re-sheeting

  • Stewarts Road, Moorland
  • Kenzlers Road, Sharon
  • Henkers Road, Sharon

Line marking

  • General line marking maintenance
  • Dr Mays Road (school zone)
  • Woongarra Street (CBD)
  • Barolin Street (CBD)
  • Showground Lane

Childers area

Drainage maintenance

  • Stantons Road, North Isis
  • Gibsons Road, North Isis

Pavement repairs

  • Foleys Road, North Gregory
  • Ashby Lane, Childers
  • Gibsons Road, North Isis
  • Garryowen Road, Redridge

RCPs and shoulder maintenance

  • Abington Road, Abington

Shoulder resheeting

  • Abington Road, Abington
  • Turpentine Road, North Gregory

Road grading – Childers and Surrounds

  • Abington Road Abington
  • Broome Road Kullogum
  • Sims Road Redridge

Gravel resheeting – Childers and Surrounds

  • Marule Road, Unnamed Road 4265 Booyal
  • Agnesvale Road Kullogum
  • Hawes Road North Isis

Gin Gin area

Drainage maintenance

  • Dalysford Road, Dalysford
  • Doughboy Road, Doughboy
  • Elliott Street, Gin Gin
  • Iron Bark Road, Good Night
  • Kennedy Street, Avondale
  • Perry River Farms Road, Morganville
  • Rieck Street, Gin Gin
  • Short Cut Road, Delan
  • Tableland Road, Tirroan
  • Tarruhl Road, Wallaville
  • Watalgan Road, Watalgan


  • Flagstone Road, Avondale (Shoulder)
  • Kirchners Road, Bucca
  • McLeods Road, Bullyard
  • Plantation Road, Avondale
  • River Road, Bungadoo
  • Stebhens Road, Bungadoo
  • Vegetation maintenance
  • Forsyth Street, Gin Gin
  • Kalliwa Road, Good Night
  • Nearum Road, Nearum

Road patching

  • Bucca
  • Bullyard
  • Bungadoo
  • Drinan
  • Gin Gin
  • Good Night
  • McIlwraith
  • Meadowvale
  • Moolboolaman
  • Tirroan
  • Wallaville
  • Watalgan
  • Waterloo
  • Wonbah
  • Yandaran

Road Grading Gin Gin and Surrounds

  • Gastons Road, Jones Road, Kirchners Road, Sarnadskys Road, Stevens Road, Bucca
  • McLeods Road Bullyard
  • Stebhens Road, Warmingtons Road Bungadoo
  • East River Pines Drive Delan
  • Gaeta Road, Mooney Road, Webster Road Gaeta
  • Booyal Crossing Road Good Night
  • Barton Road Kolonga
  • Hofstetter Road, Perry River Farms Road Morganville
  • Killers Road New Moonta
  • Mittelheusers Road, Tarruhl Road Wallaville
  • Watalgan Road Watalgan
  • Tindels Road, Top Waterloo Road Waterloo
  • Wonbah Road Wonbah
  • Forestry Road Wonbah Forest



  1. even after another incident at the Highway / Buxton Road intersection just recently, we have silence again.

  2. And nothing for Alamein Street, Svensson Heights. There is so much traffic coming up and down the first block of the street. Large trucks, servicing the little corner shop on Branyan, empty buses coming from God knows where, speeding motor cycles roaring through the first block. Speed limit certainly not doing what they should be.


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