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Budget investment to waste not, want not

Water, Waste and Renewable Economy portfolio spokesperson Cr Gary Kirk 2024-25 budget back on track
Water, Waste and Renewable Economy portfolio spokesperson Cr Gary Kirk outside the Bargara Wastewater Treatment Plant where work is underway on the Coastal Sewerage Diversion project.

Water, Waste and Renewable Economy

Beneficial reuse and a capital project to ensure reliable and best practice treatment along the region’s coastline has made wastewater one of the highlights of Bundaberg Regional Council’s 2024-25 budget.

Water, Waste and Renewable Economy portfolio spokesperson Cr Gary Kirk said wastewater treatment was an essential service that residents didn’t often consider the importance of.

However he said Council was prioritising this important service through critical capital investment to connect more coastal homes to the modern Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“We are seeing significant growth in coastal communities between Burnett Heads and Elliott Heads and the Coastal Sewerage Diversion project will ensure we have the infrastructure in place to cater to the area’s wastewater treatment requirements for the next 50 years,” Cr Kirk said.

“The project will divert sewage from the Bargara Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant and has been underway since late 2022 with a 7 km pipeline already constructed.

“Work has now commenced on providing the necessary infrastructure at each end of the pipeline to complete the project in the 2024-25 financial year.

“The Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant was built to cater to this increased capacity and has provided improved environmental outcomes.”

The Coastal Sewerage Diversion project is supported by the Queensland Government’s Building Our Regions program.

Biosolids infrastructure to improve service

Wastewater produces a byproduct called biosolids which is being treated to a suitable quality for beneficial reuse as an organic fertiliser.

Cr Kirk said in the next financial year Council would invest in biosolids infrastructure to provide uniformity in its management across the region.

“Our biosolids program is turning waste into a product which can be used by local farmers on select crops, such as tree crops or crops where fruit is produced off the ground, to improve the health of the soil and plants.

“Council has been providing biosolids for more than 20 years and we have heard direct from local farmers about these positive outcomes.

“In 2024-25 we are investing in self-leveling bins at three treatment facilities, which we already have at the Rubyanna treatment plant, which will drive efficiencies in the cost and accessibility of biosolids.

“It will improve transport and delivery from an odour perspective and help to ensure the continuity of this important program.”

View the full Bundaberg Regional Council 2024-25 budget document online.


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