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Strong framework for essential services

Governance and Integrity portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell 2024-25 budget back on track
Governance and Integrity portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell says the delivery of a new corporate plan will provide the framework Council needs to continue to deliver high quality and essential services

Governance and Integrity

Good governance and transparency are high on the agenda for Bundaberg Regional Council along with the delivery of a new corporate plan in 2024-25.

Governance and Integrity portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell said Council’s budget was handed down on 28 June with a focus on delivering essential services and the organisation would continue to do so under a strong framework.

“Bundaberg Regional Council is a large and diverse organisation which is here to serve our community,” Cr Mitchell said.

“The development of a new Corporate Plan over the coming months will provide a platform for an integrated business planning framework and allow us to efficiently provide a range of important services to residents and ratepayers from waste collection and water treatment to libraries and parks.

“The corporate plan provides the direction and vision of our organisation and the foundation to meet our aims to improve transparency, accountability and make informed decisions.”

Demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to transparency Cr Mitchell said Council would maintain its Audit and Risk Committee.

“The Audit and Risk Committee includes Councillor and external representatives to maintain the highest degree of oversight and accountability.

“This is an important part of our governance framework and ensures we have the measures in place to manage responsibilities for financial reporting, risk management, internal audit functions and more.”

Cr Mitchell said Council was continuously reviewing and improving its systems to ensure it stayed abreast of the latest trends, developments and statutory obligations.

“Within the 2024-25 financial year Bundaberg Regional Council will also improve its asset management maturity through the upgrade of asset management and asset maintenance systems and implement improved contract management processes and capability,” she said.

View the full Bundaberg Regional Council 2024-25 budget document online.


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