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No obstacles for Christmas Appeal support

Mayor Triple M Christmas Appeal
Mayor Helen Blackburn and Triple M host El McPherson after their race through the obstacle course at Inflatable World, Bundaberg.

Christmas came early for a festive fundraiser after Mayor Helen Blackburn won an obstacle course race against Triple M’s El McPherson to secure support for the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal.

El challenged Mayor Blackburn to complete the course, pledging Triple M support of the 2024 Mayor’s Christmas Appeal if the Mayor won the race.

Live on air, the Mayor and presenters El and Jacob Nicholls joked about the stakes of the competition.

“If you win, Mayor Helen, we here at Triple M will support your Mayor’s Christmas Appeal,” El said.

“No dirty tactics, you’ve got to win like all clear… you’ve just got to fully take it out.”

The counteroffer of the Mayor shouting the Triple M hosts coffee went unclaimed, as the Mayor powered over the inflatable climbing walls and past other obstacles to claim a decisive victory.

The good-natured competition ended with El confirming the station’s support.

“We at Triple M are very, very, very happy to announce that we're looking forward to supporting the Mayor's Christmas Appeal this year,” El said.

The Mayor said she was happy to have won the race and garnered Triple M’s support for the annual fundraising initiative.

“It was a fun race and I'm really pleased that Triple M's on board now,” Mayor Blackburn said.

“They will be helping us out for the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal and that is just great news for the community.”

More information about the 2024 Mayor’s Christmas Appeal and how to get involved (without having to run an obstacle course!) will be shared with the community in coming weeks.


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