Bundaberg Regional Council Social Media Guidelines

Bundaberg Regional Council welcomes open dialogue with visitors. We do not discriminate against any views and we encourage you to discuss and share opinions with others on our available channels, including any social media platforms.

We ask that when contributing your views on this platform you are courteous and respectful at all times.

All users of Facebook have the right to remove unwanted content posted by others on their page, and we reserve the right to moderate comments and remove any content that is considered to be inappropriate without explanation.

What is inappropriate? Comments that are:

  • prejudicial, racist, inflammatory, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • likely to offend others, including references to an individual’s race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion or disability.
  • off-topic or trolling in nature by aiming to ‘bait’ people, which means deliberately provoking an argument or emotional reaction. It is unnecessary to post repeat comments continuously.
  • misleading or contain factually incorrect information.
  • swearing, or offensive language. We want everyone to be comfortable visiting this page to get the important information we try to provide.
  • personal attacks or harassment against other users. Please be respectful of others and their opinions. It is not acceptable to harass, abuse or threaten other visitors to this site.
  • not relevant to the article being commented on.
  • identifying or revealing personal or sensitive information about others on this page. Please remember these sensitivities before you post, and remember never to post private information including email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses on the public wall.
  • a re-post other people's appeals, requests or offers, or anything else that could be considered spam or commercial in nature. It is not acceptable to promote anything that may constitute spam, including business and commercial interests, solicitations, advertisements or endorsements of any non-governmental agency, including links to any other Facebook pages we haven’t approved.

Banning users

We want to foster a collaborative, safe and welcoming online environment which encourages meaningful interaction and feedback.

Anyone who does not adhere to the guidelines above will have their comments hidden or deleted.

Users found to be repeatedly engaging in any activity mentioned above will be banned from this platform.

Records will be kept of any activity which does not adhere to the above guidelines with a “three strikes and you’re out” policy in place. Users can dispute a page ban or comment removal by emailing complaints@bundaberg.qld.gov.au. Information about Council’s complaints process can be found on our website: https://www.bundaberg.qld.gov.au/complaints-disclosures.

We may remove comments and take any discussion ‘offline' or into a private message if we believe that the content is personal in nature, or is affecting the enjoyment of the page for other visitors.


By following these simple guidelines, you allow us to focus on keeping residents of, and visitors to, the Bundaberg Region informed and up to date.

Please note that comments here are not the appropriate way to make submissions to Bundaberg Regional Council or ask questions of Council. Please visit here for Council contact details.

Overall, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome on Bundaberg Regional Council platforms. We welcome your comments any time and hope you enjoy spending time here.

Opinions posted by users of this page do not reflect the views of the editors or Bundaberg Regional Council.

By interacting with our Facebok page, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Council, in its discretion, may modify or amend these Terms of Use from time to time, and modifications will be binding on all users once published.