Childers to reveal time captured in a lead box

The contents of a Childers time capsule due to be opened on August 21 will create amusement and intrigue for many and sentimental recollection for others.

Moore Park Beach history book launched

A new history book of Moore Park Beach was launched at the Moore Park Beach Community Association annual meeting.

The day when Bert Hinkler thrilled Childers

Take a step back in time to when pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler made the first aircraft landing at Childers in April 1921.

Time’s almost up for Childers capsule

A concrete cairn containing a time capsule will be opened in Childers on Friday, August 21, one day short of 50 years after it was constructed and sealed.

Dewar’s Whisky first air mailed with help of Hinkler

A bottle of Dewar’s Whisky that was the first air mailed whiskey to Australia is on display at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

Bundaberg Rotary gates get a makeover

Bundaberg Rotary Club members were hard at work on Sunday morning restoring the Rotary Gates at Tantitha Park.

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