Gin Gin history intact as time capsule recovered

Time may be up for the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre, but a precious time capsule buried in the foyer of the Centre has been safely retrieved by Council.

Burnett Bridge 120 years old this week

The iconic Burnett Bridge in Bundaberg is 120 years old after being officially opened on 24 August 1900 by the Queensland Governor.

Childers time capsule reveals 50yo contents

It was a walk down memory lane for those in attendance at the Childers time capsule opening, which revealed items from 50 years ago.

Childers to reveal time captured in a lead box

The contents of a Childers time capsule due to be opened on August 21 will create amusement and intrigue for many and sentimental recollection for others.

Moore Park Beach history book launched

A new history book of Moore Park Beach was launched at the Moore Park Beach Community Association annual meeting.

The day when Bert Hinkler thrilled Childers

Take a step back in time to when pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler made the first aircraft landing at Childers in April 1921.

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