In Our Gallery with Maggie Spenceley

A love of flowers and a passion for drawing has led Bundaberg artist Maggie Spenceley to create her My Suburbs artworks, on display at the Bundaberg Regional Galleries Here + Now exhibition.View the story ...

Unity Mandala takes shape in gallery

Spiralling through Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery’s ImaginArts space, the Seeds of Unity Mandala is ever-evolving.

Giant mosaic in Hanging by a Thread project

The giant handmade glass mosaic scarf is part of the Hanging by a Thread project, and it will be the focus of celebrations on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 for the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Meleane Havea takes leap in Spark Starter

Listening to her father’s music as a child, Meleane Havea said it sparked an innate feeling which has now guided her to become involved in a special program supporting local talent.

Bundaberg Youth Orchestra’s 50th anniversary

Bundaberg Youth Orchestra will celebrate its proud history which stretches across half a century at its special 50th anniversary reunion concert.

See the world through local artist’s eyes

Local artist Siobhan Lowth has reflected on the pressures of social media and public judgement in her exhibition Scrutiny.

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