Yesterday's thick fog turns to clearer days ahead

Meteorologist and weather presenter Livio Regano said yesterday's foggy conditions were due to two layers of low cloud formation.

Beach report: Cold weather to remain across weekend

While the cold weather is set to stick around for a bit longer according to Craig Holden, it won't be nearly as chilly as the 3 degrees experienced in the region yesterday.

Cold snap on the way for Bundaberg Region

It’s time to get the extra blankets out with weather experts warning Bundaberg Region residents to brace for another cold snap later this week.

Beach report: Mixed forecast for long weekend

In this week's beach report, Craig Holden says there will be a mixed bag of conditions for both surfing and swimming across the long weekend.

Severe weather bypasses Bundaberg

Severe weather bypassed the Bundaberg Region overnight with rainfall totals much lower than forecast, mostly less than 20mm.

Sunshine is out for superb weekend at the beach

In this week's beach report, Craig Holden says the superb weather is set to remain over the coming days which should be music to the ears of beach-goers.

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