Kendall Flat cricket co-location ‘desirable'

Queensland Cricket has expressed support for developing Kendall Flat as a shared venue in Bundaberg for cricket and AFL to grow together.

Woodgate Anzac Day reflection

Woodgate resident Steve Johnston shares his Anzac Day reflection including thoughts on his grandfather and the former Isis Shire men and women who served.

Time ticking for Telstra talking clock

Time is ticking for Telstra's talking clock, with the countdown under way to close the information service on 30 September.

Bundaberg Now feedback: Our ‘go-to' for local news

After choosing Bundaberg Now as my homepage that I see when I open my computer I have enjoyed your content so much.

Vote for where you'd take an overseas visitor

We know there are hundreds of wonderful places and attractions in the Bundaberg Region. Choose your top pick from this short list.

Vote for your favourite beach in the Bundaberg Region

The Bundaberg Region is blessed with some beautiful beaches including Moore Park Beach, Nielson, Kellys, Elliott Heads and Woodgate.

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