The Waves female-friendly facilities opened

Tick of approval for the $1.5 million sports facility at The Waves.

Soft vibes will help you catch trophy fish

Tackleworld's Dale Smith talks all things fishing and how soft vibes can help you catch that trophy fish in the Burnett River.

Powerboats compete in BP Airport Pro-Classic

The powerboats were off to a flying start at the BP Airport Pro-Classic at Sandy Hook on Sunday morning as they hit the water hard.

Plenty of big fish being caught offshore

There are good reports of red emperor, coral trout and red throat sweetlip having been caught during the past weeks.

Bundaberg is Nitro's best selling regional show

After just two days of presale nearly 2000 tickets have been sold for Bundaberg’s Nitro Circus event making it the fastest selling regional Queensland show in 10 years.

Rayan jumps up to third in state for Gymnastics

Jumping on the lounge inspired Rayan Dunford’s family to enrol him in Gymfinity to help take some of the energy out of the youngster, now he’s competing at gymnastic state championships.

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