Artisan’s garden connects community 

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Elaine Kirk has spent six months transforming Artisans 4670’s outdoor space to include a herb library, jean garden and upcycled items for the community to enjoy.

There were no gardens in place when co-owners Elaine and Sophia Bird took over the centre, just a path to walk through which featured a few palms, gumtrees and shrubs.

Elaine said she had always found joy in gardening so, with a love of plants and colour, the transformation began.

“It makes me happy, so I wanted to be surrounded by plants when I was working at Artisans,” Elaine said.

“I wanted people to wander into our gallery after sauntering through our garden areas, noticing the plants and containers and conversing about what they saw.

“This then sets the mood for the customers to enjoy being at our gallery.”

Elaine said the herb library was coming along nicely, giving people the opportunity to snip a sample to add to dinner or bring in a new seedling for planting.

A spark of creativity from Elaine led to the creation of the jean garden, where pops of florals find a home in free-standing jeans.

“The jeans garden was an empty space; I knew what I wanted to do there,” she said.

“Gary and I created that little garden space, from bits and pieces we found lying around, op shop finds and donations from friends.”

The green thumb said she hoped that those who visited the outdoor space were inspired and motivated to get creative in their own gardens.

“This garden brings me the most joy as I see many people take photos there and comment on the plants I have growing there and it makes me smile,” she said.

With a love for growing herbs and vegetables Elaine said she had enjoyed seeing the community connect with the garden and utilising its interactive elements.

“Gardening is so enjoyable, you are outside in the fresh air, its great exercise and you are always thinking and planning about what to plant next.” 

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