Elizabeth’s creative garden full of personality

Elizabeth Hunter has transformed her garden from barren to beautiful in three years, building outdoor rooms full of upcycled creativity.

Coming home to her investment property after eight years meant starting from scratch but it was all worth it, according to Elizabeth.

She said the outdoor area had flourished, becoming home to three chickens, seven native beehives, birds and frogs.

“My vision was to create a green oasis and privacy is so important when living in close proximity to neighbours,” Elizabeth said.

“Maybe sharing my garden motto might help describe the picture I had in my mind.

“It’s flowers for fun, herbs for healing, food for foraging and a forest for the future.”

The local green thumb said she also developed a love for upcycling, going hand in hand with the practicality and sustainability of the garden.

“For me I want a garden I can live in,” Elizabeth said.

“The corner deck in the garden is part of my sons’ old fence, it’s a lovely spot for a cuppa.

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“I concreted my old gardening hat then painted it for a bird’s nest in that spot.

“No birds but it has become a green frog’s favourite place to sleep during the day.”

Elizabeth said gardening has always been dear to her heart, inheriting the passion from her mother.

“She always spent more of her time in the garden than indoors,” she said.

“I remember with a smile how she used to be out in the garden early in the morning in her dressing gown and slippers and no I am not confessing to doing the same thing.”

Elizabeth said she believed “we’re all gardeners at heart, sometimes life just gets in the way”.

“My garden is a place of healing for me, a place that I can find peace and solitude if I need it,” she said.

“There are what I call rooms in my garden, for reading creative projects and places for just being still.

“It provides me with an opportunity to help others by sharing.”

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