In Our Garage with Alice Evans' Subaru WRX

Alice Evans turns heads in her modified Subaru, with its wide body kit making it a standout as the first of its kind in Australia.

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Tell us about your car?

This is my Subaru WRX S-Edition. She's a 2013 model in Satin Pearl White.

Her name is Wonderland, hence the plates. It's Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

So, I really love her, love driving her and the full aspect of all her body stylings and performance.

Being in and around cars most of my life I turned it into a passion and I bought her brand new.

She's nine years old now, and I've built her up every day since practically.

What modifications have you made?

She's got basic modifications within performance to make her handle better and just get a little bit more boost around the track when I'm down doing track days.

Body-wise, she has a Fenderist Urban-R 50mm wide body extension.

She is the first one in Australia. It is a Russian kit, full plastic and I did the full installation on it.

I had to cut out a bit of her guards all round, all four guards were cut with a grinder to fit the wheels first.

She's running 18 by ten and a half, most Subarus only run a nine and a half, and then the kit was tech screwed.

So individually screwed on to the car to get her line up.

Then the kit was nutserted, so I went through and drilled it in again, screwed the kit on, and then she went through for professional painting.

What makes her so unique?

All my black extension pieces under the car are part of her wide body and they are just like an aero styling add to the vehicle, including her front grill as well.

Also, her side vents and her hood vents, which are one of my designs.

Under the hood, Wonderland is running just under 350 horsepower, which is a little bit more for a four cylinder I guess, she takes on the big boys.

She's got intercooler front mount cold air induction.

She's also got a boost solenoid and just a couple of little extras that give her a little bit more oomph with the big boys on the track.

Where do you go to race her?

Powercruise is normally what I hit, or Happy Laps down at Ipswich Motorway.

Down back straight she can get fair up there over 180 km an hour, happily.

I love the performance, just taking her down the track and the adrenaline rush of getting that speed under my belt.

I love it. And I went with the exposed bolts for that track spec look, the little bit wider inspiration, a little bit of aggressive feel.

So I love it, and I love it when she turns heads, it makes me smile.

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