In Our Garage with Ian Jefferyes' 1937 Chevrolet

Ian Jefferyes has been working on his 1937 Chevrolet Standard Sedan, which is a family heirloom, for close to ten years.

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Tell us about your car?

The vehicle is a 1937 Chevrolet Standard Sedan.

I have had it now close on ten years.

It was a family heirloom, my cousin had it for the previous 30 odd, didn't have any interest in doing anything with it and said "if you're interested in that sort of thing, you might as well have it and restore it."

So, we put it all back together.

What modifications have you made?

It was in surprisingly good condition.

It had been dry stored in a shed for some years. So the bodywork was good, no rust.

Some rats had been living in it, but they hadn't chewed the upholstery because it had been redone in the seventies in vinyl.

But they made a mess of the carpets and the hood linings, so that had to be replaced.

We rebuilt the engine. It needed that obviously it had been sitting out at some stage and got some water in it.

So we stripped it all down and and the gearbox, the differential was fine. Did all the brakes stripped that all down new brake lines.

Because the rats had damaged that and the new wiring loom as well because they'd had a good chew on that.

It took us about three and a half years from go to woe until we got it going.

What makes her so unique?

It's a car you have to actually drive. There's no power assistance on anything.

It's a six cylinder, but three speed on the floor, drum brakes all around it at least they're hydraulic, not mechanical, which is a bit of a help.

But no power steering, no power brakes, no radio, no air conditioning.

You know, to get some fresh air, you just open the vent behind in front of the windscreen and it's either full blast or nothing.

You appreciate what the modern car is when you drive one of these because you have to drive it all the way.

What do you love about your car?

Whilst it's hard work, it is a pleasure to drive the thing and it attracts attention like you wouldn't believe.

I've had young ladies blowing kisses at me and all sorts of things which you don't normally get in a normal car.

I think it's the car, not me. I'm sure it is.

But yes, it's really an adventure.

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