In Our Group with Bundaberg Art Society

Bundaberg Art Society president Marilyn Batty shares the 80-plus-year history of the local art group and invites new members to join.

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Tell us about the group?

Our group was formed in 1939 with Egmont Schmidt as President, members were mostly art collectors and those interested in discussing art.

Towards the end of the 1940s it became more artists orientated.

We have a wealth of history of our group, from small beginnings to holding exhibitions and running the Arts Festival for many years.

Why is the Bundaberg Art Society valued in the community?

We are very important to the region and (we) helped get us the Bundaberg Regional Gallery.

We continue to support all local arts events and most importantly local artists.

How can community members become involved?

We have lessons two mornings a week with two of our stable of artists and hold many workshops throughout the year.

We have a new workshop set up for mat-cutting and printmaking and (there is) a huge collection of art books in our library.

Life drawing is held the last Saturday of every month and we have four models on our books.

Members get a newsletter once a month and for $30 per year as a member you can make use of our air-conditioned facilities, hang your work in our exhibitions or even have your own exhibition once you are a participating member.

Our local artists will give you tips if you ask, or you can attend one of our paid classes in watercolours Monday or Friday. For more information check out the Facebook page.  

When and where do you meet?

We meet at our Hazzard Gallery the second Tuesday of the month and are open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 am – noon.

Hazzard Gallery is open to the public, and members can use the studio on the days we are open and participate in workshops or lessons.

What significant events will take place this year?

We hold five exhibitions per year, where any members can display their work or put their smaller art and crafts in our gift shop.

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