In Our Group with Bundaberg Vintage Vehicle Club

Formed in 1976, the club had an initial membership of six people and has now grown to a membership of around 190.

President Ian Jefferyes shares its history.

What are some of the major projects the club has completed?

The most significant thing the club has done is the restoration of the 1927 Armstrong Siddeley Tourer that was made available to Bert Hinkler in 1928 for the parade down Queen Street in Brisbane to celebrate his achievement of flying solo from England to Australia.

This was received in dismantled condition on three car trailers in January 2015.

Over a three-and-a-half-year period it was returned to “show room condition or better” as requested by the Hinkler Hall of Aviation Trust.

The club members contributed over 6500 hours of volunteer labour to complete the task.

The car is now on display in the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

The club still maintains the car on a monthly basis and starts it up every third month. 

The club is very active, managing to do at least two runs per month in addition to other activities.

This year in August we are hosting the NVMR Veteran Motor Cycle National Rally for one week from 20 August.

More than 100 motorcycles are expected from around Australia and the world all are pre 1919, and in 2024 commencing with our car show the Riley  Car Club are going to hold their National Rally, they anticipate 150 vehicles over a week of activities using our clubhouse as their starting point each day.

What significant events do you hold during the year?

On or about mid-May each year as close as possible to National Motoring Heritage Day the club holds the Heritage Car, Bike, Truck and Machinery show.

This year it will be held on Saturday 20 May 2023.

The show includes veteran, vintage and classic cars and motorcycles, historic farm machinery and this year modern equivalents.

The gate proceeds are donated to Bundaberg Rotary House as part of our contribution to the community.

The Bundaberg Vintage Vehicle Club has always been involved in community activities over its 46-year history.

We have participated in the Harvest Festival, Bundy in Bloom and the Pageant of Lights Parade.

We regularly take our cars to various aged care facilities on request as well as appearing at local school significant dates i.e. centenary celebrations.

We also have assisted other clubs who have chosen Bundaberg to hold their rallies.

In 2019 we hosted the Veteran Car Club over a week which included a gas light parade down Bourbong Street at night.

There were 155 Cars and Bikes all pre 1919.

What are the differences between vehicles?

Veteran cars are those made before 31 December 1919; Vintage are those made between 1 January 1920 and 31 December 1930, the rest are classed as historic or classic.

The oldest vehicle in our club was made in 1901.

How can the community be involved?

The club’s objective is to promote the restoration of vehicles to original condition and also the use and exhibition of veteran, vintage and historic vehicles by members in competition and social activities.

Social activities are held every week and club runs each fortnight.

The Bundaberg Vintage Vehicle Club general meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month in the clubhouse situated in the grounds of the Recreational Precinct.

Meetings start at 7.30 pm with tea and coffee available after the meeting and visitors are welcome.

To qualify as a classic vehicle, it must be over 30 years old, which means anything older than 1993 as it is a moving 30 years.

Anyone with such a vehicle is welcome to join and even if you just have an interest in such cars, you are still welcome.

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